The 10 Best Resource Planning Softwares: 10 Top Picks
Here is my list of the top resource planning software:
Built for collaboration, Mosaic AI-powered resource management software

Resource Guru Best for its intuitive user interface Best resource software to support IT and software teams

Big Time Best for resource scheduling

Jira Best for software developers

Apache OFBiz Best open-source resource planning software

Deltek Best for manufacturing businesses is the best JIRA add-on

For demand forecasting, Retain International Best

Hub Planner Best for a long-term free trial

To visit the tool’s website, click on any of these links. Continue reading to learn more about why these products are recommended.
You must be a project manager to make the best use of your resources. Even high-value projects can become unprofitable if this is not done.
You need the right tools to do this effectively. The best resource planning software gives you a 360-degree view that shows you what your employees are working on. This allows you to plan better and react quickly to changes.
This article will highlight the top resource planning software currently on the market. It will also outline the strengths of each product, as well as the suggested use cases and pricing information.
How do I choose the resource planning software on this list?
Many tools can help you plan your resources more efficiently. I searched for tools that are more than just a spreadsheet when creating this list. The featured tools should:
A Clean User Interface (UI). The best resource planning tools are simple and clean to use. The tools are easy to use thanks to their drag-and-drop capabilities, visual charts, as well as clean animations.
Great Support: Even the most intuitive resource management software can be difficult to use. Chat support, in-person training and video lessons as well as knowledge bases can help you quickly get to know the software.
Integrations: Your resource management software must be compatible with other tools. Many of the tools on this list allow for integrations.
Value for money: This is highly subjective because it depends on how you plan to use the tool and your resource planning needs. All the products on our list are valuable to the right company.
Resource Planning Software: Key Features
Each tool adds a different spin to resource planning. However, they all have a lot in common. Here are some key features to be aware of.
Advanced scheduling tools: These tools allow you to manage your workforce by assigning tasks and projects to members of your team. You can search for employees based upon their skills and roles by looking for additional functionality.
Drag-and-drop Gantt charts are used to give a bird’s-eye view of who is working on what parts of a project, and when each should be completed.
Flexible project reporting: Features to show how work progresses. You can view metrics such as hours worked, remaining budget, open/closed orders, and other pertinent information.
Forecasting: Features to predict how your project will proceed. They will show you when you should intervene to bring a project back to its original course.
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The 10 Best Resource Planning Software Programs
This is a list highlighting the 10 best resource planning software programs. Each one has its own use case, which I have highlighted.
1 Mosaic
Software for resource planning powered by AI, designed to facilitate collaboration
Mosaics’s heatmap of workloads shows you who has work and who is not. It is a next-generation resource management software that provides resource planning, workload forecasting and workforce reporting.
Mosaic’s resource planning tools are AI-powered. You can track, report and forecast using smart systems that analyze all your data and generate ac.