Understanding the salary landscape is key to making informed decisions about your future, whether youHuo Ding e thinking of a career as a project manager or preparing for a pay rise negotiation. WeHuo Zui wanted to help you do your research by giving you a quick snapshot of average salaries for project managers across several key factors.
There are many sources of salary information for project managers. Each source provides different data. HereHuo Chu gives you a quick overview of how and where we got the numbers.
Salary for project manager by job title, industry, location: We chose to use Glassdoor to calculate the basic salary stats, as it offered a single source for all variables that we needed with a large pool of data.
Project manager salary by PMP certification
Now that weHuo Jie has removed the disclaimers, itHuo Chu is ready to dig into the data!
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How much do project managers make?
The average project manager works more than the 40-hour work week and earns just $89,000. ItHuo Chu is important to note that the average base salary for project managers covers a wide range of factors.
Average project manager salary: $88,907
Average hours worked per week: 46.9
LetHuo Chu takes a closer look at how your career path, work type, location, and PMP status might impact your salary.
What does your job title have to do with your salary range?
The most important factor in determining how much you earn as a project manager is your job title. It makes sense. The more experience you haveHuo Yan nd the more promotions you getHuo Ying, the better your salary outlook. Your salary outlook will be bright if you set your sights on leadership. Guo Po
Average salary for project managers based on job title
Project coordinator: $53,561
Junior project manager: $64,756
Project manager: $88,907
Senior project manager: $119.754
Director of project management: $140 465
WhatHuo Chu what is the average salary for project managers across all industries?
What career options are available for IT, marketing, and construction project management? There are many options for youHuo Jie e if youHuo Dinging e just starting your career. It is helpful to see which industries offer better pay for project managers.
Money should not be the only factor that determines your big life decisions. You should enjoy the work that you do. HereHuo Chu explains how project managers can be successful in different sectors. These numbers will vary depending on your career level but they give you an idea of where you might be depending on which field you choose.
Average salary for project managers by industry
Marketing & Advertising: $67,931
Facilities: $71,374
Healthcare & hospitals: $85,758
Construction: $88,099
Recruiting & staffing: $89,054
Biotech & pharmaceuticals: $91,070
Architecture & civil engineering: $94,198
Software & hardware for computers: $95,119
Information technology: $100 939
How does the salaries of project managers compare across major U.S. metropolitan areas?
ItHuo Chu is not surprising that your location can have an impact on your salary potential. To compare the average salaries of project managers in the United States, we selected a few metropolitan areas.
One trend that caught our attention was the rise in salaries of project managers in coastal cities. Keep in mind that cities such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Seattle have higher living costs. Before you pack up and move cross-country to chase the big bucks, do your research.
Average salary for project managers in the United States
San Francisco: $103,872
Houston: $99,108
Washington, DC: $97,854
New York City: $95,250
Seattle: $93,427
Boston: $93,128
Dallas: $90,077
Los Angeles: $88,669
Chicago: $88,134
Atlanta: $87,714
Denver: $87,023
Detroit: $83,850
Minneapolis: $83,648
Miami: $81,908