How SharePoint Framework Impacts Office 365 App Development

Microsoft SharePoint has been a key tool in collaboration within organizations for many years. It serves many important functions, including the creation and management of intranets (websites for internal use) as well as the integration with many other parts of Office 365, such Excel or Skype for Business. Since its release in 2001, Sharepoint has come a long ways since […]

How security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines protect your business operations

Disclaimer: I have changed some key details to protect the privacy of a former client. However, the mainsentiment and methods remain the same. Iorchestrated a jewel heist a few years back. Yes, you read that correctly.While claiming a mysteriousformerlife of crimeis always intriguing, the truth isit was all in the name of complianceand I had explicit(albeit lessinteresting)permission from the jeweler’s […]

How secure is the DoD JEDI Cloud

The JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure), is an enterprise-level, commercial Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service solution to support Department of Defense (DoD), business and mission operations. The Pentagon’s JEDI Cloud will store sensitive classified information, including nuclear secrets. The JEDI Cloud foundation is a zero trust security framework. >”> Why do you need zero trust? According […]

How SASE Architecture Can Help Your Workforce, Your NetOps Team and Your Cybersecurity

SASE is a term you may have heard a lot about these days. Secure Access Service Edge is the acronym. It’s sometimes called “sassy” by IT professionals. It’s an architecture and not a product. SASE allows you to combine security and networking functions into one seamless cloud-based architecture. This allows you to provide secure access for all your organization’s data […]

How Ryuk Malware is Impacting Healthcare Industry

People are not the only ones who are facing this viral threat. Cyber-attacks are increasing from opportunistic hackers. Ryuk ransomware, a troublesome and metamorphic malware, has risen to prominence in the U.S. healthcare system, according to the Joint Cybersecurity Advisory (Coauthored by FBI and CISA and HHS). Here are the facts. How is RyukRansomware infiltrating US Hospitals and Healthcare Systems […]

How to Avoid Fail Your Next Security Audit

Ah yes…the stress-inducing,often-feared security audit. Failing to pass an audit can be a “career-limiting experience.” Some organizations hire consultants, additional staff, and even focused leadership in order to pass an audit. Most audits are scored using a linear scale. If there aren’t too many findings that trigger a failure, the organization has the chance to be more secure. What is […]

New Horizons for the New Year

What do you get if you combine a New York Times Bestselling author with a sports journalist, award-winning team members, and a pie in your face? This would be the New Horizons Learning Groups Sales Kick-off. NHLG’s annual sales kickoff was held at The Center Club in Costa Mesa on January 15, 2016. This event celebrates the achievements of the […]

How Security Risk Assessments can save you money

The best thing about running a business? Doling out the dough for all the necessary, yet invisible components to keep it running…Yes that is a joke. Many organizations are required to submit annualsecurity audits in compliance with regulations. Although the audit can be daunting, failing to comply with the requirements or experiencing a security breach could have serious consequences for […]

How IT professionals can prepare themselves for 2017

IT professionals must continue to learn new skills and obtain certifications in order to stay current with an ever-changing industry. With the introduction of cloud computing, smartphones and tablets, wearables, the Internet of Things, and commercial cloud computing, the pace of technology change has accelerated in the past decade. Many in the industry need to constantly look ahead and think […]

How Efax and Unified Communications can eliminate on-prem Fax bottlenecks during COVID-19

Is your healthcare system experiencing a bottleneck in transferring patient information during the COVID-19 pandemics? You are not the only one experiencing this problem. The volume of COVID-related files flooding into healthcare systems across the country has been a major problem. This has led to the loss of important patient information that must be re-entered by hospital administrative staff. A […]