Story by Philippe Oulhen, Marketing & Sales Manager at Juan Yacht Design
How can you make an impact on the world around you?
I am the Marketing and Sales Manager for Juan Yacht Design. Our office was established in 1997 and specializes in the design of high performance racing yachts. To reach this objective we use a Design Spiral process, which involves several revisions/validations, enables us to converge to a solution where the target performance, weights, and structural requirements have been thoroughly validated.How would you define Real Work?
Real Work allows us the flexibility to meet customers’ needs and maximize the efficiency of our team. While efficiency is a central part of our work, we are able to do so while keeping in mind that this notion is subjective. Real Work allows us to not follow the traditional frameworks of work. We work with top professionals from all over the globe: Argentina, New-Zeland USA, France, Italy Holland, Finland, USA, France and Italy. We work wherever we can find the best architecture & engineering skills.
Every day at work is different. I manage customer relations and specifications to make our customers’ dreams come true. I value human contact and that is a good point in my role in the company. ActiveCollab fits into your day?
ActiveCollab is something I use every day, both when I’m at work in Valencia and on business trips. This tool allows me to see all information exchanged on our projects and gives me a complete view of the Design Office’s activities. ActiveCollab helps me track my work time on each project. I have three different projects with almost 120 people involved. How to Grow Your Business: Everything You Need To Know Before You Can
Processes can burst due to growth. What was once a good idea now has a lot of bottlenecks. This is because more business owners have to make decisions. If you don’t make changes to your work process, the growth will be unsustainable and only make things worse. This book will teach you everything you need to know about how to avoid common mistakes that business owners make when growing their businesses. We are grateful that you have subscribed! All newsletter subscribers can download this (and many other ActiveCollab Project Management Guides). Download the Ebook We are unable to subscribe you at this time. Please double-check your email address. If issue still persist, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] Try Again