CCSP vs CCSK – An Even Handed Comparation

Professionals are increasingly seeking certifications as Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), and Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge(CCSK) credentials. These certifications are the best to validate one’s knowledge and skills in Cloud security. Both CCSP (and CCSK) are getting a lot attention and offer high-paying jobs, so it can be difficult for aspirants to choose the one that suits their needs. […]

CCSP Domain 6 – Legal, Risk, Compliance

Cloud computing has seen an increase in risks and threats. This has led to a greater demand for professionals who can secure cloud environments. In 2015, the (ISC.2) and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA. created the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification. The CCSP credential was created to ensure that professionals have the knowledge and skills required to create, implement, control, manage, […]

CCSP Domain 5 – Cloud Security Operations

For executives who are interested in cloud security, the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification is an accreditation. It was created by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), (ISC)2, and (ISC)2 in 2015 to meet future demand for cloud security experts. These certifications are a proof of the professionals’ knowledge, skills and abilities to manage, control, enforce, and create regulatory frameworks. […]

CCSP Domain 4: Cloud Application Security

Cloud computing is gaining popularity and requiring more qualified security professionals. Although many businesses have skilled operations and security professionals, their knowledge of traditional data centers is not sufficient to deal with the unique challenges and features that cloud computing presents. The (ISC)2 teamed up with the Cloud Security Alliance to create the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification (CCSP). This […]

CCSP Domain 3 – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

CCSP The Certified Cloud Security Professional Certification (CCSP) is a joint certification of (ISC.2) and the Cloud Security Alliance. The CCSP credential was created in 2015 for security professionals whose daily responsibilities involve cloud environment procurement, protection, and management. For information security professionals who are interested in cloud computing security, the CCSP certificate is a great choice. It was created […]

InfosecTrain – All About Cloud Security Practitioner Course

Table of Contents What is Cloud Security?What are the Cloud Security Practitioner Courses with InfosecTrain and Why Cloud Security Practitioner Courses with InfosecTrain What is Cloud Security? Cloud security is the first line of defense against any cloud-related threats or attacks. Any company embarking on a digital transformation is responsible for cloud security. Cloud migration and digital transformation are terms […]

Everything About BitCoin

Bitcoin was an obscure term in the past, but it is now catching up fast and grabbing everyone’s attention. What is Bitcoin? It is virtual money that uses cryptography and is not owned by any government, corporation, or individual. It makes it easy to make payments, save money, and invest. Mining Bitcoins is a process that works in a similar […]

Learn all about Azure Security AZ500 Course

Microsoft Azure is the second largest Cloud Computing platform and is growing rapidly. It was launched in 2010, and has since gained a significant market share. It offers more services than any other Cloud service provider, with 100+ in a variety domains and more regions. More than 80% trust Microsoft Azure for cloud services. There are many more companies in […]

All about AWS Security Course

AWS is the largest Cloud Computing Platform in the world and holds the largest share of the Cloud computing market. It is growing exponentially and the need to ensure its security from vulnerabilities and breaches increases as it gains more market share. It is obvious that security is just as important for any organization as it is for individuals. It […]

Alibaba challenges AWS in Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), the dominant cloud computing company, isn’t stopping new competitors from entering the public cloud computing space. Alibaba Group, a giant e-commerce company, is the latest to join the fray. Yesterday Aliyun, the company’s cloud computing unit, announced that it plans to partner with partners around the world to provide hybrid cloud computing services. These services […]