The MB-240 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service exam is a good choice if you’re on the path to achieving your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification. The Exam validates applicants’ ability to configure and implement the Field Service application with core client service. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service exam MB-240 can give you the Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Functional Consul Associate certification. This certification opens up new career opportunities for those who are interested in this expanding platform.
Microsoft MB-240 Exam: Essential Details
MB-240: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service exam contains 40-60 questions. They are both multiple-choice or multi-response. The exam should be completed in 120 minutes. Passing the Exam requires a score of 700 points or more. The cost of the MB-240 exam is $165. The MB-240 exam can be taken in English.
The MB-240 Exam covers the following topics:
Configure field service applications (15-20%)

Manage work orders (15-20%)

Schedule and dispatch work orders (25-30%)

Manage field service mobility (10-15%)

Manage inventory and purchase (5-10%)

Implement Connected Field Service (10-15%)

Top Study Tips to Score High Marks in MB240 Exams
It is important to be familiar with the proven study tips that have been successful in helping you score high in the Microsoft MB-244 exam. These include learning new topics and revising what you have learned. These are the top study tips to help you get a high score on the MB-240 exam.
1. Create a Study Plan
You can create a realistic and manageable study schedule by listing the topics you want to study. When creating your study schedule, simplify concept combinations with one complex concept. This will allow you to study multiple topics in a single day.
2. Register for an official Training Course
Microsoft offers training courses to prepare for all of their exams. Although a course with an instructor can be expensive, the benefits will be great. If the cost of the instructor-led training course is too much, you can always opt for the free online training. You can choose from many different topics, so you can fill your knowledge gaps.
3. Instead of mugging up, learn concepts
Many applicants resort to tricks to remember information, but they don’t remember it all the time, especially for Microsoft exams. Clear concepts will help you learn faster and develop the skills necessary to complete daily tasks. Clear your doubts so you can understand the core concepts and basics of the subject. Instead of merely remembering, learn and understand every topic.
4. Use MB-240 Practice Exams
It is a good idea to take as many practice tests as you can to score high in the MB-242 exam. To assess your learning, you can download MB-240 practice exams from You can review each practice test and note any areas where you did poorly. Then, you can work on these topics until you become an expert. You’ll have a solid understanding of the MB-244 exam topics, as well as the type of questions and structure.
5. Take good care of your health
When preparing for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service exam, don’t forget to take care of your health. It is important to work hard to get good marks in the MB-242 exam. However, it is equally important to eat healthy meals and get fresh air every day. To energize your mind, exercise every day or go for an early morning run. You can bring your learning process to the forefront by engaging in physical activities. They will also keep you motivated and encouraged.
6. Keep it short
Notes will help you to revise the concepts more effectively. Noting down things helps you remember them better. Your chances of scoring higher will increase if you prepare your study notes at least a month in advance.
7. Join an Online Community or Study Group
A study group or online community can be a great way of scoring well in exams. If you feel stuck on a topic, it is worth reaching out to members of study groups for help. Keeping in touch with like-minded individuals will help boost your confidence and motivate you during stressful exams.
Preparing for the MB-240 exam is a crucial part of obtaining Microsoft Certified – Dynamics 365 Field Services Functional Consultant Associate certification. Passing the Microsoft certification exam is the one thing you need to do in the near future. You must commit to achieving this goal immediately, and then only move on to the next step. You will achieve high results if you use the right resources and are confident in your exam-taking abilities.