The amount of data that an organization has at the moment is inversely related to the future growth. Big Data is the term used to describe the large amount of data that drives a business every day. However, big data acquisition alone will not help an organization make strategic decisions and make sound business decisions. It is what organizations do with the data which matters most. This is where the data analyst or data scientist comes in.
According to the latestIDC forecast, 2017 is expected to see the digital universe grow by 16 zettabytes. According to the latestIDC forecast, the digital universe will grow by 16 zettabytes in 2017. This will result in a 50% gap between the demand and the supply of data scientists. According to Glassdoor’s 2016 survey, Data Scientists in America are the 16th highest-paid professionals in the country, with a median salary of $110,000. They are also listed as the first among the Best Jobs In America.
The Open Data Revolution, a global movement to make Big Data more accessible, can help you understand the significance of Big Data. The United States currently has the highest number of data analytics jobs. Data analysts are primarily employed in the banking and financial sector. The salaries of big data engineers have risen by 5.8% since 2016, from $135,000 up to the current $196,000.
Recruiters are most interested in the ability to work with R and Python. Spark, SAS and Hadoop are also highly sought after. Entry-level data analysts are offered a salary of $118.250-169,000 annually by companies. This salary could be higher depending on the professional’s experience and skills.
While big data technology faces many challenges, such as storage, applicability and security, it is also setting new standards for those who want to be in this field. A huge amount of data is being generated by sensors, smartphones, satellites, and other devices. The rapid development of artificial intelligence and Big Data will require deep analytical and decision-making skills. However, Big Data’s growth is not expected to slow down.
Big Data Career Opportunities
It is obvious that Big Data is everywhere and organizations are using it constantly for research and development. IT professionals have a lot of opportunities because Big Data Analytics improves decision making and increases organizational growth. There are many career options for those who have mastered Big Data analytics and the basics of Big Data. Here is a complete list of Big Data courses.