How project managers should deal with procrastination at work

Sometimes procrastination can get the best of us. It can become paralyzing at work if it gets too much. This can spell disaster for hardworking project team members. What is procrastination and why does it seem to be so common in some people? Procrastinating – What is It? The typical definition of procrastination is “the action of delaying or postponing […]

How Project Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

A variety of benefits can be derived from project management software. This tool can make your projects more efficient, cost-effective, and organized, no matter if you’re a small business or a large corporation. There are many types of project management software today. You can enjoy the following benefits if you make the right decision. Collaboration is easy on projects, as […]

How PMOs can catch the wave of digital disruption

All C-suite executives are now caught up in the digital disruption wave. The wave has been something I have had the privilege of experiencing firsthand over the past three years. I am currently involved with a project in which the HR director is the most vocal supporter of changes in structure and employee profiles. Her motivation? The company becoming more […]

How one department transformed their culture by partnering with the PMO

Our first article, Why innovation is so important for organizations and why it is not being driven properly, highlighted why innovation is so crucial and how companies are failing in their efforts to innovate. We demonstrated that innovation was not being promoted properly and that leaders were not informing employees about how things would change and how they should carry […]

Types of Procurement Contracts for PMP(r), Exam

Procurement contract types are an important aspect of Procurement Management as outlined in the PMBOK (r) guide. You will be asked a few questions about the topic during your PMP(r). This post will explain the three major types of contracts in the PMBOK (r). Fixed price contractFirm fixed-price contract (FFP). Fixed price with economic adjustment contract (FPEPA) Fixed price incentive […]

PRINCE2 vs PMP: How do you choose the right credential to support your Project Management career?

How to choose the right credential to support your Project Management career: PRINCE2 vs PMP For many years, project management has been a highly-paid career option. This trend is expected not to change in the near future. Project managers who are skilled and experienced will be in high demand. According to PMI research, employers will need 87.7 millions project management-oriented […]

PRINCE2 Principles, Processes, Themes

PRINCE2 Principles, Processes, Themes PRINCE2isaprocessbasedapproachforprojectmanagementwith7themes,Processesandprinciples. 7THEMES: BusinessCase:Theobjectiveofbusinesscaseistodecidewhethertheprojectisdesirable,viableandachievable. Organization:Defineandestablishtheproject’sstructureofaccountabilityand responsibilities. Quality:Arethequalityofproductsfitforthepurpose? Risk:Identify,assessandcontroluncertainty Planning:How,Where,Why,Who,When,HowMuch? Change:Identify,assessandcontrolpotentialandapproved changed to the base-linedobjectives. Progress:Monitorandevaluateactualachievementswiththe Achievements. 7PROCESSES: 1.StartingaProject 2.InitiatingaProject 3.DirectingaProject 4.Controlling 5.ManagingProductDelivery 6.ManagingStageBoundaries 7.ClosingaProject 7PRINCIPLES: Businessjustification APRINCE2projectmusthavecontinuedbusinessjustification. FocusonProducts Deliveryofdefinedproductsandquality. ManageBystages Planned,Monitoredandcontrolledinstages. ManageByException Definedtolerancesforeachobjectiveandthelimitsofauthority. Tailortosuittheenvironment Tailoredtosuittheproject’ssize,environment,complexity,importance,capabilityandrisks. Learn from experience Lessonsaresought,recordedandacteduponthroughoutthelifeoftheproject. RolesandResponsibilities Definedrolesandresponsibilitieswhichareagreedwiththoseinvolved. Author : Lisa Findlay Click Here to view the Prince2 Foundation Course

PRINCE2 for Small Businesses and Projects

PRINCE2 for Small Businesses and Projects The business world has become more dynamic and faster in recent years. Every moment is critical for business and delays can lead to lost opportunities. There is also the challenge of change. Businesses must be able to take on both small-scale and large-scale projects to adapt to the changing environment. They are now able […]