CNA Job Description
Posted on 03 27th, 2012 in CNA Certification, CNA Training If you are finding it difficult to find a job of your choice and sustain your living costs, you can easily complete CNA training program, pass CNA Certification test to earn Certification and get registered with the state Nurse aide Registry. The registration also awards you licensure through the state Board of Nursing to work in a variety of health care settings for the CNA Jobs. In these facilities your CNA Job Description is mostly related to direct patient cares.
Varied CNA Job Description
It is also to be noted that not all facilities have similar job descriptions, and it varies depending on the type of facility you are working. For example, if you are working in nursing homes, you will have to provide cares to ageing or other patients who are admitted there for long term cares. In the same way, as a school nurse aide, your duties require you to look after the overall development and health cares of the school children. Working in a Physician’s office, you will have to attend visiting patients and working as a travel nurse aide you are required to visit distant places to execute your duties and as a home health aide, you must visit the house of patients to provide cares in home.
CNA Job Description
Your Job description requires you to execute a number of job duties including:
Personal Cares
Basic nursing Cares
Care of dementia or cognitively suffered patients
Restorative cares
Mental health cares
Emergency Cares and CPR
Safety and Infection control
Safety techniques
Promotion and Respect of Patients’ Rights and Independence
Counsel patients
Additional Duties

You must also remember that in these health care facilities, you must work under the direct supervision of a physician or a registered nurse. You will also report everyday condition of the patient to RN.
CNA Salary
As a CNA, you can easily earn a salary of $23,000 to $33,000 and your average median salary will be around $29,000.

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