CNA Training in Georgia
Posted on 03 27th, 2012 in CNA, CNA Training The unemployment rate of 9.4%(b) in Dec 2011 in the majority service sectors of the state  of Georgia, according to the Local Unemployment Statistics Chart of the Bureau of  American Labor Statistics has made it necessary that individuals must opt for the health care  field for easy jobs. The CNAs are in great demand in the state for their expertise in the initial level direct cares to patients in a variety of health care settings.
In addition, with a total population of total 9,815,210 (2011 estimate) residents including increased numbers of elderly citizens, nursing shortages and location of many health  care facilities in the state also bode well for the nurse aide jobs.
The nurse aide jobs require executing a number of CNA duties, and the acumen to provide safe and quality health care can only be gained through CNA Training in Georgia.
CNA Training in Georgia
CNA Training in Georgia that prepares a student with nursing knowledge and skills consist of two parts including theoretical knowledge instructions in a classroom setting and clinical performance in an approved facility in a supervised environment. The total duration of the CNA Training in Georgia is 85 hours that can be completed in 6-8 weeks through nursing, schools and vocational colleges, and clinical portion requires attending minimum 24 hours clinical hands-on experience among the patients in an approved facility, where the students get firsthand experience of a health care facility and get opportunity to interact and talk with the patients. The responsibility to supervise clinical portion of the training rests with an experienced RN or LPN. The clinical is conducted
The course curriculum of the program includes learning of arts, science, biology, algebra and other nursing subjects. The students learn about communication skills, personal care skills; basic nursing cares skills, physiology, restorative care, mental health care, Role of a CNA, technical skills related to computers, safety and infection control.
The clinical portion of training can be termed as the practical experience of what students are instructed during the classroom instructions. The both knowledge and skills of the CNA Training in Georgia are based on the requirements for safe and competent cares to ailing patients. 
The successful completion of the program also provides eligibility to appear in the CNA Certification Test for CNA license and credential.
Ranked 9th in the U.S. -Total 9,815,210 (2011 EST.) Local Unemployment Statistics Chart of the Bureau of American Labor Statistics
CNA Training Programs in Georgia
In Georgia, a nurse aide must attend state approved CNA training programs, which stretches for 85 hours trainings including both classroom and clinical trainings. The student has to attend not only classroom lectures but should also attend clinical hands-on training for a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours. After completion of trainings, they are required to appear for National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam.  On the basis of their result they are offered CNA certification, which makes them eligible to work legally in various hospitals, home care and health care institutes.
It is also mandatory that training courses in Georgia, need to follow provisions laid down by the federal regulations set forth by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987. CNA training programs include interpersonal and communication skills, care of dementia or cognitively suffered patients, personal care skills, basic nursing cares, mental health and other additional skills.
These courses are planned for competency test and to provide competent care to bed side patients in different health care facilities. Theses training programs are offered by post secondary high schools, private training institutes, nursing homes and community colleges all over Georgia. Even online and free trainings can be availed by aspiring students.
There are many training institutes that also offer offer3 weeks long CNA programs, which may cost as low as $ 600. These schools are offering day and night classes which benefits working professional or individuals with family commitments. The examination fee for the CNA certification test is $ 107.
CNA in Georgia are also known as home health aides, patient nursing technicians, and geriatric assistants.

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