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Posted on 03 27th, 2012 in CNA, CNA Training Though, MD is smallest state of the United States, it still resides 19th highest population and 5th most populous in density among the 50 states of America. Such high population also have greater concentration of ageing population, needing direct long term care procedure s from the CNAs in their home and in nursing homes.
You must also remember that after the passage of federal OBRA-87 legislation by the US congress, it has become manadatory for all US States to maintain and approve CNA training programs that meets the OBRA educational standard. The state of MD also follows federal requirements while offering  CNA Training in Maryland.
CNA Training in Maryland Overview
Currently, there are over 176 MD Nurse Aide training programs offered through schools, community colleges, adult education centers and long term carte facilities throughout the state. The program duration is 100 hours that include both classroom course instructions and supervised clinical hands-on experience components.
The CNA Training in Maryland offers a number of theoritical knowledge and skills on nursing and medicine. The primary skills that are instructed to the students include:
Safety and Infection Control
Communication skills
Emergency care procedures
Mental health cares and restorative cares
Patients’ rights and independence
Personal Care and Basic nursing carte skills
Additional skills

The completion of classroom learning allows the students to attend hands-on experince among the patients to master the skills instructed during the classroom theoritical instructions. The clinical part of the training is supervised by the one-two years nurse educaters. Mastering of these skills also assist the student when the students appear for the skill test.
Advantages of CNA Maryland (GNA) Certification
The successful completion of the CNA Training in Maryland and passing of the CNA Maryland (GNA) Certification test gets students listed with the the Maryland GNA registry that also allows the students to work in a variety iof health care settings.

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