Although the term “algorithm”, if you’re not familiar with programming, might seem strange. However, it’s one the most important building blocks in computer programming.
An algorithm is simply a set or steps that are used to accomplish a task. You must tell a computer step-by-step how to make it do anything.
Imagine a friend needs to get from point A (the Airport) to point B (your home). To help them get there, you would need to describe the steps in the correct order.
It is crucial for new developers to become familiar with programming algorithms as soon as possible.
Coding Dojo has created a free Algorithm Training Platform to help you build your coding skills and master the fundamentals of programming before you start learning how code!
The Algorithm Learning Platform will guide you through a series progressively more difficult problems. Each challenge is followed by a video with a Coding Dojo instructor, which shows how they would solve the algorithm.

You can get your algorithm prep on with the free tool. Also, learn more about the Algorithm Training Platform through Course Report’s Q&A session with one of Coding Dojo’s instructors!