Are you looking for more efficient ways to sell cloud products or other emerging technology solutions? CompTIA has the solution. CompTIA announced yesterday, 4/12, its latest additions to address emerging market opportunities in advanced communications and cloud-based telephony. These are all packaged into’sales playsbooks’ that target emerging markets.
What are Sales Playbooks?
CompTIA added Sales Playbooks to their arsenal of IT training materials earlier this year (July 2013,). The sales playbooks are training programs that help resellers improve their prospecting skills and sell emerging technology solutions. CompTIA also offers a variety of training courses to help channel partners push cloud services more effectively. They assist in identifying, positioning, positioning, and closing new opportunities in the most recent technology. These two playbooks were launched in summer and focused on cloud technologies: – cloud-based storage and backup.
CompTIA also offers workshops on these playbooks. They cover topics such as understanding customer needs and challenges, the technology landscape, scoping and qualifying questions, and articulating customer benefit for specific product sets.
The Latest Addition
CompTIA’s Winter 2014 Channel Training Catalog includes three new playbooks.
Cloud-Based Telephony: As in many other areas of IT, cloud makes VoIP services more accessible to end-users and more affordable for solution providers.
Mobile Device Management – As more companies embrace “Bring Your Own Device” strategies and increase the ability of mobile workers access data outside of the office, organizations face the challenge of managing a diverse and growing number of mobile devices.
Advanced Communications – Advanced communications are the cornerstone of the mobile connected office.
These playbooks combine workshops with templates and training materials to help IT sales professionals improve their prospecting skills and create sales campaigns for emerging technologies. This year, playbooks were released on cloud-based storage and backup and recovery.
Kelly Ricker, CompTIA’s senior vice president for events and education, stated that “Our Sales Playbooks quickly became one of the most popular of our training options for the IT channel.”
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