Now you can start to make SharePoint work like a kitten. Managers will compliment you on the significant improvement in collaboration and the ability to access important information anywhere. Congratulations!
The usual questions will always follow…
Could the interface be customized to match our company’s style?
Can this be integrated with other software?
Could the process be simplified so that there isn’t as much training required?
It works great as it is. But it would be much better if…
These questions often go beyond what you would expect as an admin role and require that your developer cap be worn at least for a time. But wait, you aren’t a developer.
Although it can seem daunting at first, a successful transition to development is a multistage process. However, with the right plan and training, it is possible to make it a smooth one. You can prepare yourself for the sometimes daunting complexities of SharePoint development by earning your Microsoft MCSD App Builder certification. You will also be establishing valuable employment security. SharePoint developers are rare, it’s not surprising!
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Start training When it comes time to develop, this knowledge will be a huge advantage. You already have a good understanding of SharePoint and its implications for your company.
Many functions in SharePoint are already built-in and don’t require code. It would be wasteful to create a custom solution when SharePoint already has the power. It’s a good idea for SharePoint users to have a solid understanding of the unique development structure, including site collections, portals, portals, layers, layers, and lists. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, SharePoint’s editing tool is also worth learning. It supports many customization features that don’t require programming to implement.
A couple of SharePoint-specific training courses can help you to deepen your knowledge. These courses will help you get started in SharePoint development by giving you the knowledge and skills to create efficient and effective code for SharePoint.
The Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 70-331 course covers configuration and basic installation. Even if you have already used much of the information, this course will help you to gain a deeper understanding.
The Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 70-332 course is for you if you’re ready to go from SharePoint Padawan to Jedi Master. This course is great preparation for installing and implementing custom solutions. It also includes business connectivity services that link SharePoint to other data systems.
These courses also prepare you for the Microsoft exams, if you want to add them to you MCSE: Productivity list.
Next, you will need to get an MCSA Web Applications or MCSA Universal Windows Platform cert in order to earn an MCSD App Builder certification. Both are applicable to SharePoint development. You can choose one. It might be a good idea to pursue both.
Two exams are required to earn MCSA certification. You will need to have a lot of practice and training to be able to grasp ASP.NET and C# programming. Visual Studio allows you download examples of SharePoint applications and Microsoft provides walkthroughs that cover a wide variety of scenarios. These educational tools will help you become a more skilled admin in no time.