Human error accounts for 60% of all personal data breaches. According to a study, 58% said that lack of training is the main reason for privacy breaches in their organisations. IT professionals must be trained to create and implement privacy solutions that do not compromise the end-user experience.
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What is CDPSE certification?
Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE), is a certification that evaluates the ability of security professionals to implement privacy by designing. This results in platforms and products that improve and advance data privacy. CDPSE is the first data privacy certification based on experience.
Nader Qaimari is the Chief Learning Officer of ISACA. He stated that certifications had primarily focused on privacy’s legal aspects. The ISACA’s CDPSE certification allows private technologists to show that they are proficient in the technical aspects of creating privacy programs and implementing solutions to mitigate risk.
CDPSE validates the ability of a data analyst/scientist to manage the data cycle and provide advice to the organisation on best data protection practices and privacy compliance. It provides data scientists and privacy experts with a common language, data science methodologies, and the ability to improve end user experience while maintaining trust.
Although many people in an organisation and the data security staff may claim to be experts on data security, the requirements for data security vary from one organization to the next. CDPSE-certified professionals have the experience to ensure that the privacy solutions you implement are compatible with the organisation’s risk appetite, and reduce or eliminate risks of non-compliance.
Prerequisites for CDPSE Certification
CDPSE is not an easy certification to obtain. It helps to have some experience in the field. These are the required prerequisites for certification:
5 years of experience in the job functions covered by the exam content outline.
If you have one of these certifications, your work experience requirement is reduced by three years. CISMc. CGEITd. CRISCe. CSX-Pf. FIP
At least two CDPSE Exam Content Outline Domains experience.
Who is CDPSE for?
CDPSE is for industry professionals who want to improve their careers or take their current career in a new direction. This includes
Privacy engineers
Privacy analysts
Privacy advisors
Security and privacy consultants
Lead privacy managers
Security and privacy engineers
Software engineers – Backend privacy engineering
Domain architects – privacy compliance and legal care compliance
Privacy solutions architects
Information security engineers – user protection
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Benefits of a CDPSE certification