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What is Cloud Security?What are the Cloud Security Practitioner Courses with InfosecTrain and Why Cloud Security Practitioner Courses with InfosecTrain
What is Cloud Security?
Cloud security is the first line of defense against any cloud-related threats or attacks. Any company embarking on a digital transformation is responsible for cloud security. Cloud migration and digital transformation are terms that organizations often use. Cloud security is an important consideration.
Cloud security, also known as cloud computing security, refers to a set of rules, regulations and processes that work together to protect cloud-based applications, information, or architecture. These countermeasures are designed to protect cloud data, comply with regulations, safeguard privacy rights, and establish authorization procedures for specific users and applications. The cloud security solution provider or specific cloud provider will determine the method of providing cloud security.
What is the Cloud Security Practitioner Course?
Cloud usage has risen dramatically since the global pandemic, which prompted millions to virtualize their workforces and services. Global cloud spending grew by 37% to $29 billion in the first quarter 2020. Cloud activities are increasing and organizations are increasing their hiring to support them. Cloud skills are becoming more in-demand as more organizations adopt cloud services. identified this as one of the most important trends in the IT skills industry. InfosecTrain provides a comprehensive understanding of cloud security. Let’s take a look at the details:
Our cloud security practitioner training course was specifically designed to help you get started with cloud computing and make decisions about CSP (Cloud Service Provider), and GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance).
The course covers everything you need to know about cloud computing, including its fundamentals, legal, governance, compliance, and challenges.
This training program for cloud security practitioners will teach you about cloud principles, deployment, compute configuration, encryption, access management, and identity management.
What will you learn?
Let’s take an in-depth look at the course and what you’ll learn.
This course will help you understand the basics of cloud computing and its models.
This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge about cloud deployment and configuration.
This course teaches you how to use popular Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS.
You will learn how to create virtual networks, virtual VMs, and apply policy, DR, among other things.
You will learn how to encrypt or decrypt data in the Cloud and how to manage lifecycle management and Cloud Access Security Brokers.
You will learn how to manage your identity and access, and how to detect and manage cloud incidents.

This Course Can Offer Career Benefits
Cloud security has become more important due to the development of cloud migration and cloud data storage. There are many opportunities, but the work is easy and the salary is good as AWS and Azure are the leaders in the cloud market. It powers some of the most famous brands in the world, such as Facebook, Netflix, Adobe and the BBC. A Cloud Security Practitioner certification can help you find the perfect job at the most prestigious companies. Here are some examples of these jobs and their salaries:

Cloud Administrators: A cloud administrator oversees a computer network that allows users to connect via the Internet. They manage the servers that store and run the programs that users can access remotely. Cloud Administrators are responsible for cloud accounts (AW).