This 118-video professional Juniper training by Knox Hutchinson, SPOTO trainer, covers what network engineers need in order to use IP telephony features and Layer 2 authentication and access control, ethernet switching and IP multicast, BGP, IGP, and ethernet switching to manage and maintain Juniper enterprise networks.
This is the new Juniper training.
To manage enterprise-level networks, it takes advanced routing technologies and platform configuration skills. Network engineers who work with Juniper Networks Junos-based enterprise network networks must be familiar with interior gateway protocols, border gateway protocols, and spanning trees. They also need to know IP telephony features, and the fundamentals of ethernet virtual private networks.
This training teaches advanced concepts so network engineers can configure and deploy enterprise networks. This training is designed to make engineers more familiar with routing and switching principles, and makes them professionals.
The series consists of 13 parts and covers topics such as layer 2, VLANs and interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs), BGP, and more.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Laying a VXLAN Foundation
Laying the EVPN Foundation to EVPN-VXLAN
Deploy Junos Spine-Only EVPN-VXLAN
Deploy Spine-Leaf EVPN-VXLAN on Junos Devices
Deeper Validation and Troubleshooting of EVPN-VXLAN for Junos
Advanced VLAN Designs & Configurations
Advanced Spanning Tree Protocol
Junos IP Telephony
Junos Layer 2 Tunneling Techniques
Junos Layer 2 Access Controls and Authentication

This training covers the following topics:
EVPN-VXLAN: For Everyone
Network Access Controls
Configure Q-inQ on CE and PE
Configure MSTP
Re-shaping Enterprise for Layer 3 Everywhere

This training includes:
Training for 12 hours
118 videos

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