Microsoft Azure is the second largest Cloud Computing platform and is growing rapidly. It was launched in 2010, and has since gained a significant market share. It offers more services than any other Cloud service provider, with 100+ in a variety domains and more regions. More than 80% trust Microsoft Azure for cloud services. There are many more companies in the queue who are migrating to Microsoft Azure to meet their business needs. It’s an online portal that allows us to access and manage Microsoft resources and services. Azure’s service offerings are regularly updated and improved to ensure that users are satisfied. Cloud suppliers have large server farms with a variety of workers, stockpiling systems, and other critical components that are essential to the working of an association. This makes it worth paying attention to security.

Microsoft Azure Security Certification
The Microsoft Azure Security course equips IT professionals with the skills and knowledge to implement security controls, maintain security posture, and identify security vulnerabilities. This course is a Microsoft-certified course, also known as AZ500 or Azure Security Engineer Associate. Candidates who pass the AZ-500 exam are awarded the ‘Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification. Microsoft Azure provides clients with privacy, integrity, access, and transparency. Azure’s framework provides a solid foundation for organizations to meet their security needs. It covers everything from client support to applications. Microsoft’s new role-based affirmation program, the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ500 certification, demonstrates that Microsoft has a deep understanding of the security domain of Microsoft Azure Cloud administration.
The following certifications are recommended for Microsoft Azure Security engineer (AZ-500), before you can apply for the Microsoft AZ-500 Certificate.
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 – It provides essential knowledge about different Microsoft Azure modules. You can choose to take the AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Online Training & Certificate Course with Infosec Train.
Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ104: This certification certifies the candidate’s proficiency in leading cloud services that include computing and networking as well as security and other Microsoft Azure cloud potential. The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Training & Certificate with Infosec Train is available.

Reasons to choose AZ500 Certification
Azure provides you with a wide range of security options that you can configure and manage to suit your organization’s needs. The following are some of the benefits of the AZ500 certification:
It is a great option for engineers who need to provide significant security for Azure-based digital platforms. They also play an important role in protecting an organization’s data.
It gives you hands-on experience that will allow you to deliver superior security tasks in your day-today job.
It’s an addition to your existing skills.
It increases your chances of being hired quickly.
It will give you a better understanding of MS-Azure’s security fabrication.
It provides a complete picture of your IT security posture and allows you to recommend ways to improve it.
It aids in detecting, preventing, and responding to threats.
It provides security monitoring and policy management in coordination and operates with a fair-minded network of security arrangements.
This certification