PRINCE2 (r) is a popular certification for both aspiring and practicing project managers. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of project management. This certificate is also available for those who want to become Project Coordinators, Business Analysts, and Program managers.
The certifications were divided into three levels: Practitioner, Foundation, and Professional.
Foundation: This certificate is for team members who are working on projects using PRINCE2 (r) methods. This certificate is for project managers who wish to use PRINCE2 (r) practices in their projects. This article explains how concepts can be used in projects for their effective use. It is not pre-requisite and is a closed-book exam. The exam has 75 questions, but only 70 of them are required for the exam. You need only 35 marks to pass it. It is expected that we will complete it in one hour.
Practitioner: This certificate is for those who have worked in PRINCE2 (r) and are familiar with the practical application of the concepts. This certificate certifies that a candidate can use the PRINCE2r methodologies in his job. It all depends on the project and the PRINCE2 (r) methodologies that were used.
There are a few exams that must be passed before you can take the practitioner exam. The pre-requisites can be fulfilled by any of the following:
PRINCE2(r), Foundation
Project Management Professional
Certified Associate in Project Management
Director of Certified Projects
Certified Senior Project Manager
Certified Project Manager
Certified Project Management Associate

It is an open-book exam with 55% passing percentage. There are 80 questions available.
Professional: This exam is for professionals only. It helps you to implement the principles in your overall project lifecycle. This exam does not require a written exam.
PRINCE2(r), Agile Examination: This exam is for team members who work on agile projects or for project managers who are able to implement their learning in an agile setting. Apart from passing the PRINCE2 (r) Practitioner exam, the above-mentioned prerequisites for the Practitioner exam are also required. The exam is open book and lasts two hours. We need to answer 30 of the 50 questions correctly in order to pass the exam.
These certifications are currently available to aspiring project managers and other individuals who wish to learn about PRINCE2(r). This certification is highly valued and is now mandatory for project managers. Companies encourage project managers and business analysts to take the exam. Recruiting companies also look for these certifications in their hiring process.
Like other certificates, if you don’t understand the concepts, you can’t implement them in your workplace. It will be a certificate on your resume. While it might increase your chances of getting a job interview, it is not essential. The PRINCE2 (r) methods will help you pass the interview and implement them in your workplace. The PRINCE2 (r) certification is extremely popular and can be used to help you build a career as a project manager. This is a rare target that companies have for Project management positions.
These certification details are based on research done online.
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