John McGovern, SPOTO trainer, explains how to automate the behavior and speed up the performance of your network devices and network devices with Python in this 147-video training.
This is the new Networking training.
Python is one the most widely used and popular programming languages in the world. Because of the control it affords engineers and administrators over software-defined networks, Python is even more popular in the network world. Python makes it possible to automate any network behavior, saving you both time and money.
This Introduction to Python for Network Engineers training will guide you through Python’s many parts and elements that can be integrated into your network. You will learn how to use the best network-oriented dictionaries, libraries, modules, and dictionaries to solve your unique problems.
This series of 20 parts covers topics like automating complex network configurations, managing Software-Defined Networking, and writing with objects variables strings loops and functions.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Introduction to Python
Virtual Environments, Variables & Data Types
Python Strings
Control Flow
Boolean Logic: Understand
Lists and Tuples
Sets and Dictionaries
Understanding Functions in Python
Implement Functions in Python
Learn Functional Programming in Python

This training covers the following topics:
The Reduce Function
Linux Setup
Unpacking Dictionaries
Lambda Functions
Class Attributes

This training includes:
17 hours of training
147 videos

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