What do you get if you combine a New York Times Bestselling author with a sports journalist, award-winning team members, and a pie in your face?
This would be the New Horizons Learning Groups Sales Kick-off.
NHLG’s annual sales kickoff was held at The Center Club in Costa Mesa on January 15, 2016. This event celebrates the achievements of the previous year and motivates the team for the next year. Ryan Landry, VP of Sales, said that “We’ve worked hard this past year and we’ve grown.” Being able to gather like this at the end the year to celebrate where we are and where we’re headed shows who we are as individuals. Culture is important. Our culture is no exception.” It really does show.”
Events included a keynote speaker, a presentation by CEO Kevin Landry and employee awards. Ryan Landry, VP of Sales, received a pie in his face.
Key Note Speaker, Don Yaeger
What makes the great ones great?
Don Yaeger, a New York Times bestseller and former Sports Illustrated journalist, gave his motivational speech about what makes great ones great. He discussed how teams can learn from great sports teams and his experiences with world-renowned coaches such as Walter Payton, The USA Dream Team and John Wooden.
Award Winners
New Horizons Learning Group colleagues can nominate other teammates who they feel best represent the core values of NHLG, which are Gratitude. Respect, Accountability. Simplicity. People-First. 2015 winners were:
Gratitude: Brian C.
Jennifer H.
Accountability: Tony B.
Simplicity: Ron L.
People-First: Mackenzie M.
Living the Values: L
Rory K receives the Annual GRASP Award
Top Performers
Aaron Brown, B2B
Greg Olmen, B2C
Mark Roque is the Year’s Sales Champion
Rookie of the year
Burbank Account Executive Mahsa Jarehi was awarded Rookie of the Year for her outstanding performance in 2015. Mahsa stated, “It’s really exciting to be presented with this award.” She also said that she couldn’t have done the feat without the support of her entire team at New Horizons. I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!

Terry Bradley Memorial Award
Cindy Sutherland (VP of Business Development) was the recipient
The Terry Bradley Memorial Award was established in memory of NHLG’s beloved former Chief Financial Officer, who died in October 2009. This award is given to employees who demonstrate integrity, passion for their co-workers, high standards in work output, and self-awareness. Cindy Sutherland, VP of Business Development was the winner this year. “Living our values is something we strive to do every day at New Horizons. It is truly a blessing to be awarded this award for my work ethics and to honor Terry. I am proud to have been a part of the company’s growth.
A little friendly competition never hurt anyone
A little friendly competition is good for everyone – except Ryan Landry, Sales VP who lost in an internal sales competition. Cindy Sutherland gave him a piece of pie.

A new year is upon us, and a new name! The team at New Horizons Learning Group are ready to tackle 2016.