Alexa Development Skills Go to the No-Code Route Amazon has previously published documentation for developers who are interested in creating Alexa skills for its cloud-based voice service. This allows users to create natural voice experiences that interact with Amazon technology. This guide was written for both beginners and experts, and explains how to create projects ranging from simple quiz games to decision tree-type projects. The company now offers no-code Amazon Alexa Skill Blueprints to simplify the process. Developers used to be able to access the documentation in the Alexa Skills set, which is a collection self-service APIs, code samples, and other tools. However, these skills can now only be created in minutes using a simple 1-2-3 process.

Choose a blueprint Fill in the blanks Use your skill There are dozens of these blueprints available now. They range from houseguest guides that provide information on a home and its surroundings to interactive stories about sci-fi. In a blog post, Amazon’s Brian Crum stated that Skill Blueprints will make the skills and responses instantly available on all Alexa-enabled devices. […]

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By Michael Watkins Technology deployments and new initiatives drive a large portion of the IT industry. How can you keep up with them all? One of the biggest challenges for IT professionals is adapting to technological advances. You may have done so because you saw the value in unlimited access to over 500 On-Demand courses for 12 months. This tool […]

4 Steps to become a better project leader: Book Review: “The Shift from One To Many”

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Chrismon Nofsinger says there are four steps to becoming a great leader. However, most people only make it halfway. In his new book, The Shift From One to Many: A Practical guide to Leadership, he states that leadership is about facilitating others’ output and giving them recognition. This book is […]

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I have trained hundreds upon hundreds of cloud engineers. They work for companies with ten to thousands of employees. The scope of their responsibilities varies from one job to the next. Despite this, I see consistent trends in common mistakes that should not be made in the cloud. Systems engineers are responsible for maintaining your applications and databases responsive. While […]

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Cloud architects are highly sought after. Many IT professionals are looking for certification with AWS, Azure, and other large cloud providers. However, the responsibilities of this position are often unclear. Your role as a cloud architect is to plan and design cloud-based infrastructures. This is crucial because of the increasing demand for data centers to move to the cloud. The […]

Three Ways to Practice Your Leadership Skills

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Mike ClaytonThis guest post is by Mike Clayton, author Brilliant Project Leader. True leadership is not something that you do only when it suits. True leadership is not something you do when it’s convenient. It happens in difficult times and under extreme pressure. These are the situations that distinguish the […]

Three Steps to Implementing Business Analysis

It is important to plan and execute business analysis (BA), in organizations. These three steps depend on the BA maturity of an organization, its vision for BA and the level of executive sponsorship. Step 1 will identify the members of your primary group. This group will be responsible for business analysis. They will receive initial training in the skills, techniques […]

10 Best Smartsheet Alternatives and Competitors: Reviewed in 2022 – Digital Project Manager

Smartsheet Alternatives This review will take a deep look at the pros and cons of the following tools:’s Best Smartsheet Alternative at a Lower Cost Screendragon’s Smartsheet alternative for scaling marketing and agency teams Kintone organizes your communication by topic, project or specific data point Rocketlane Best client and stakeholder portals with shared views Wrike Smartsheet Alternative for Teams […]

10 Best Scrum Software Tools & Scrumboards of 2022

The Best Scrum Software List Here’s a list of the top scrum softwares: JUMP TO REVIEWS is the best for Scrum teams that are highly collaborative Zoho Sprints Best Scrum Board for Real-Time Collaboration API documentation is best when teams work together ClickUp Best for freelancers & entrepreneurs Jira Best scrum Software for Enterprises Targetprocess Best scrum software to […]

10 Best Risk Management Software for Enterprises & Midsize Organizations

The Best Risk Management Tools Here are some of the top risk management tools. JUMP TO REVIEWS Clickup Hyper-customizable Spaces with Color Coding that will help you identify potential risks at a glance Fusion Framework System Best risk management software for dependency visualization StandardFusion Best Risk Management Software for Mid-Market 6clicks Best AI-powered RMS Wrike Best for team collaboration Project […]