Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch
Since the release of Nike Band on February 22, 2012 I have been connected to my Health gadgets. I switched to Fitbit after Nike, and later to Samsung with the original Galaxy Gear watch. After that I had all versions of Microsoft Band, and then I returned to Samsung with the Gear 3 in November 2016.
I wanted to share the history of my “smart/health watch” collection in order to make it clear that I am not new. After using Samsung Gear S3 for almost 15 months, I decided to switch to Apple Watch and an Apple iPhone. You read that right, I switched from Samsung to Apple because the watch. The reasons Samsung Watch is not for you and Apple! Let’s get started
Samsung Watch Review
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A little smaller than the Samsung Gear S3 and that’s all. The same information I wrote about Samsung Gear S3 can be applied for the “new” Samsung Watch. It comes in two sizes. The 46 cm one has more battery life, but I don’t see any difference to the S3. There are still app issues and it still feels like something is missing from the watch. Other than the name, little has changed in terms functionality.
Only one reason to choose the Samsung watch is that you own a Samsung smartphone. Samsung must catch up to Apple in smartwatch wars.
Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch
Why Samsung
Apple Watch: Why?
Apple is way ahead in the watch business. Samsung must listen to customers and implement their feedback. Apple Watch 3 is a better watch than Samsung watch. I’m switching from Samsung to Apple. Yes, the watch was the main reason. Samsung’s slow patch cycle is another reason. Apple is better if you care about Security. And finally, Bixy, the [email protected Samsung game-ending] service, which I cannot tolerate.
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Apple Watch 4.5 out Of 5
Samsung Watch 3 of 5
Apple is the clear winner, without any doubt. Keep in mind that I was a Big Samsung fan up until very recently. However, Apple is a better choice than Samsung. And yes, Samsung is still a major supplier of Samsung, but this is not the point.
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Net :
Both the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4 are excellent smartwatches that can do everything, from fitness tracking to mirroring notifications to your phone. Which smartwatch should you choose?
To find the best option for us, we compared the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4 side-by-side. We tested the smaller versions of each watch: 40mm and 42mm, respectively. You can compare the Apple Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 here.
Design and durability
The most obvious difference between the two watches is their shapes: The Galaxy Watch has a round face and the Apple Watch has a square one.
We love the Galaxy Watch’s eye-catching, round screen. It is more analog than a traditional watch. You can also rotate the rotating bezel to adjust settings and navigate through notifications. It is tactilely pleasing and “clicks” every time you turn it. This is in contrast to the Apple Watch’s digital crown that only provides a limited amount haptic feedback. The Galaxy Watch bezel feels more natural than the tiny crown.
The Galaxy Watch is thicker and more likely to catch on sleeves than the Apple Watch. It was especially noticeable during workouts because it didn’t fit snugly on my wrist and was heavier. However, those with larger wrists might not experience the same effect.
The Galaxy Watch is available in a bla