The system can then be described as feeding back to itself. When considering feedback systems, it is important to understand the concept of cause-and effect. Simple causal reasoning about a system can be difficult because one system influences another. This creates a circular argument. This makes reasoning based on cause and effect difficult. It is important to examine the entire system. Giving feedback boosts your people’s confidence and ability “Performance review.” Is it enough to make your heart sink just thinking about this event? Managers and employees all over the globe dread this ritual. This is because we have institutionalized the giving of feedback. We keep track of our observations and record all the comments we make about a person’s performance. The manager then brings the employee in, ready to attack, and gives him or her a year of constructive criticism. This is why it is so frightening and scary. This is the wrong environment for performance discussions, introducing suggestions for improvement, and discussing future goals. This is a shame because feedback is essential to motivating your employees and keeping them on track. If done correctly and with the right intentions feedback can lead to exceptional performance. Employees need to be able to identify what is working well and what is not. It is important to give feedback regularly and carefully to allow employees to hear your suggestions and thoughts on how to improve. Giving feedback is a skill. It takes practice to master this skill, as with all skills. We’ll be sharing some tips in this article and the video below on how to give constructive feedback and effectively Feedback Erdal