Shortlist of the Best Resource Tracking Software
Here’s a list of the top tools I’ll be covering in this article.
Smartsheet Resource management tool available for project portfolio management.

Forecast AI-driven resource management, project management, and financial features. Resource workload functionality for a work management platform.

Mavenlink Resource Management module on a robust platform for professional services.

Float Pre-filled Timesheets based upon your schedule for easier time tracking.

All Runn Resource availability reports and timesheet reports are available in one view.

Hub Planner Create custom fields, tags, and bars in this resource tracking tool that includes Vacation and PTO modules.

Resource Guru Martial arts-inspired platform for resource management with affordable pricing

Saviom Scalable enterprise resource platform with an interactive visual planner

Paymo Project Management + Timesheets and Leave Management

Software that tracks resource usage allows us to see what our people are spending their time on during a project. It also gives us a view of their workload, which helps us make decisions such as: Should I ask them to help me with this other project or not? Is it possible to put out the fire? Or will they be occupied with other projects? Do I need to hire someone?
Tracking can help you answer those questions by providing information about how utilized a resource, what projects they are working on, as well as the tasks they are investing their time into. This allows you to have more detailed conversations about your clients’ projects with them once they ask why it is over budget.
If you are looking for a resource tracking tool, these are the options you should consider. Many of them offer free trials that can help you make your final choice. Here are some insights into my view of these tools.
Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in a resource tracking software? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
Robustness: I’m looking for software that can do multiple types of work. I want a resource management platform with enough features to justify its price.
Reporting: I would like to see the views that can be condensed information about our project teams and their work, presented in an easy-to-understand format.
Integrations: I’ll be looking at the number and compatibility of third-party software that the tool can link to.
Pricing is an important factor in determining if small businesses and enterprises can afford the solution.
Key Features of Resource Tracking Software
Utilization charts: These views allow us to see how our resources are performing and how it compares to their total availability.
Forecast of workload: Based on historical data, planning information and other criteria, the ability to predict if we are able to take on the next project using current resources.
Skill database: This is a repository for information about people across the organization. This will allow me to search for new resources within my company and fill in any gaps in capacity.
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Review of the 10 Best Resource Tracking Software
Below is a brief description of each tool, along with some highlights and screenshots, to give you an idea about the user interface.
Smartsheet 1 Resource Management
Resource tool ready for your project portfolio management.
It is a part of Smartsheet and can be integrated into other Smartsheet features. It is an integral part of Smartsheet.