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Almost every company on the planet sets out with the primary objective of making money.
This is generally done by manufacturing some form of product, or offering a service, and then charging customers money for it.
This fundamental principle is fairly straight-forward, although it contains many specific details.
First of all, it is a very rare case where a business can offer a product or service that is genuinely unique and cannot be supplied by anybody else.
This means that your company will be contesting with other businesses that sell a similar product and you will both be trying to earn money from the same customers, who only want to spend their money once.
So how can you boost the chances of them spending money with you?
Marketing is the primary tool used by modern firms to draw potential customers to do business with them and not with their competitors.
It is a very extensive topic that is influenced by a great deal of internal and external variables, but when done well it can be the single business practice that can make or break a corporation.
So where should you start when creating a marketing strategy for your own business?
Well, every situation is different, and every business will have its own set of strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into consideration, but there is a marketing rule that can be applied to almost any corporation to be used as a marketing platform.
The Marketing Mix
The marketing mix was a phrase that was first coined in the 1950’s and is a phrase that is used to describe the fundamental building blocks of any marketing system.
It reflects the fact that marketing is not a simple, blunt-edged business technique, but rather a subtle balance of different aspects of business functions.
It got its name because it is similar to the ingredients list for a recipe.
The term was later developed to include the idea of “four P’s” that described the essential elements of the marketing mix.
The formalization of these P’s made it very clear for company managers and marketers to swiftly relate the elements of marketing to the strengths of their own organizations, and by doing so could very rapidly form a personalized and effective marketing system.
The four P’s are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
The “product” element of the four P’s could pertain to any service, just like drama lesson plans, or any kind of intangible asset being provided for sale by a company.
Whilst every aspect of the marketing mix is a necessity, the “product” element mentioned as one of the four P’s is possibly the most crucial of all.
It describes the physical product or intangible service that your business will be selling, and at the end of the day it is the reason that customers are going to spend money with you.
If this part is not adequately managed then your company will find it hard to make it through.
Several people don’t think that marketing has any role to play when it comes to the physical product that your company is selling.
In fact, the common train of thought very often bears the exact opposite sentiment.
Surely it should be the opposite way around – your manufacturing department creates a product for sale and then it is the task of the marketing department to find ways to sell it, right?
Take the computer software market as an example.
There are many well-known brands of both operating system and software application solutions in the marketplace already, and because the market is fairly well saturated it would be very tough (and expensive) to “take on the big boys”.
So how can the principles of the marketing mix assist in this situation?
Rather than creating an operating system and then trying to craft a marketing strategy to take on the likes of Microsoft and Apple, it would be far more effective to look at what types of product are desired in the current marketplace, and how viable it would be to produce and sell them.
Once your products have been fashioned and created it is still a critical skill to be able to objectively review your own products to identify the reasons why a customer would buy your product rather than a competitors’.
Another form of this part of the marketing mix is called product variation and is generally used to either prolong the lifecycle of a product currently in the market, or to make your brand new product attractive to as many consumers as possible.
The motor industry uses this technique very effectively by offering different engines, trim packages and interior options with the cars that they offer.
They use the marketing mix to great effect to sell their own goods in an incredibly competitive marketplace.
Marketing plays a key role within our xbox hard drive mod company plan and it should not be treated like an afterthought.
Another important factor in the marketing mix relates to the price of your products or services.
This isn’t a simple case of carrying out market research to figure out the highest price that your customers would pay (although that can be a useful tool to use), but rather using the price of your products as a strategic tool designed to achieve any particular targets your business has.
Whilst it may seem obvious, it is still worth noting that price has always been, and likely always will be, one of the crucial factors that shoppers take into account when they are making a purchase.
It is also worth noting that customers do not constantly consider the lowest price to be the best value.
In fact a price that is too low can often turn customers away.
There are many questions that you need to ask yourself when devising a good pricing plan, key among which are the price sensitivity of your customers, what your competitors are doing and how can pricing boost your own profits.
From a strategy point of view however, pricing can be covered by two main principals; price skimming and penetration pricing.
Price Skimming
The principal idea behind price skimming is to make as much money as possible from the sector of the market which is price-insensitive and will be willing to spend a large amount of money to receive a product or service early on.
This pricing technique is very often used in the consumer electronics market where customers will often eagerly await the launch of a new mobile phone or computer games console.
Makers could set almost any price they wanted to and there would still be a loyal core of customers that would pay it.
Penetration Pricing
Penetration pricing is at the opposite end of the pricing spectrum, and is geared towards gaining a large market share at a short-term cost so that financial rewards can be earned long into the future.
It can be a high risk strategy, but when used correctly it can create revenue streams for many years to come.
Another thing to bear in mind is that “price” is the only part of the marketing mix that will generate earnings for a business.
The other members of the four P’s will all cost money to create or undertake.
So it is even more vital to get your pricing strategy right.
To optimize our website for search engine visibility we selected buy childrens bean bags for an aimed phrase because it relates to our company and what we do.
Place is the component of the marketing mix that is often disregarded by companies, but it’s still an important part of selling your product successfully.
In short, it describes the way in which you provide your product to your customer, and consequently how you collect money from them.
The most typical implications of place-based marketing are the physical locations in which your goods are sold.
For the majority of consumer products, this involves the distribution infrastructure between your manufacturing plants and shops or other outlets around the world.
Since distribution of a physical product costs money it is important to determine your own priorities and adapt your distribution network appropriately.
This is the principal application of this element of the marketing mix.
With the increasing use of the Internet by your prospective customers, marketing techniques have had to take into account how they use the Internet to help distribute their products.
By using the Internet as a point of contact (or even as a whole distribution channel in download-based markets such as MP3s) firms are now able to reach out to a large pool of possible customers.
Effective positioning of your product or service can therefore deliver impressive financial results.
When you say the word “marketing”, most people instantly think of the promotional aspect of the marketing mix, although as we have seen, this is only one branch of a more comprehensive system.
Promotion can be employed on a very individual basis or as a mass communication instrument, and whilst it can be a costly undertaking it is often an essential one.
The key concern of promotion is to deliver a certain message that will boost sales.
Advertising is one of the most typical forms of promotion.
Typically it would be done by posting on billboards, producing short clips for TV and radio or by physically handing out flyers or leaflets to potential buyers.
With the arrival of the information age we have witnessed a great increase in promotion via e-mail and the Internet, or just as targeted advertising materials posted through your front door.
Another important part of promotion involves branding, which may not necessarily yield more product sales directly, but goes back to one of the preliminary functions of marketing; getting customers to choose your product over those of your competitors.
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Post authorBy Suzzy
Post dateJanuary 5, 2021
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Okay, this post is kind of overdue, sorry, but I was busy nourishing my teespring campaigns.
Recently I have written about how easy it is to make $50k a Year on the Internet, and mentioned also Teespring inside as one of the possibilities.
Well, the Teespring craze just took off like an avalanche only to prove my point.
If there is ANYTHING you should be doing in Spring 2014, it is Tee shirt campaigns!
It is BY FAR the easiest way for quick cash.
Cash you can use for your other endeavors, buying more software or better software or services or just, you know, kickin’ it on the Caribbean with Mai Tai or whatever in your hand!
But maybe you don’t know how to do it?
The Tee Cash Kit is Here to Help You!
Created by Austin E. Anthony and his partner Nishant Bhardway this is, in lack of better words: “the Exact Shit to DO if you Need some QUICK CASH”.
What is Tee Cash Kit?
Ok, look you might think tee shirt business is easy, not really EPIC, but think again.
I mean I get it, going to Teespring and creating a campaign is probably very easy.
And if you do it right it is also very profitable.
Everyone knows that.
Doesn’t take a genius to create it.
Especially if you are a little creative.
It does however to make around $100k a month with creating couple of different campaigns, which is exactly what Austin and Nishant did.
And in the TeeCash kit  they show you exactly how they did it.
Who is this program for?
While I was reviewing the videos inside Tee Cash Kit, I was thinking: “Jesus, this is so simple”.
Then I realized, the extreme value packed in this program is presented in such a brilliant way, that anyone can understand.
I mean really.
All of the video modules are made in a way that a complete newbie could start from scratch!
You don’t need to know anything about the whole thing and you can start making money in couple of HOURS.
This is unheard of.
The BEST thing for me, definitely the Facebook mastermind group.
What people are willing to share there is just so good, that it is worth 10x the price of the training itself.
And I don’t mean just the information shared, it’s the networking and the second pair of eyes.
You know, when someone new, someone different than you can take a look and give you pointers .
You know when you just feel you are stuck in one place and want to shoot yourself in the leg because you can’t move forward?
Well, this crowd really helps. They are ruthless and honest, and that is the best thing.
Your design is crap?
They will tell you that.
You English copywriting sucks?
They will let you know.
But THAT is the best way you will learn and master the shirts, and start cashing in!
So, what does it all got to do with my business and making a lot of money?
Let’s just say that I have went through the training and have had discovered several “$100 sentences” which I am now implementing in my new campaigns and plan to do it until the Teespring crazy madness trend will continue.
I was successful with shirts before.
But using the things I have learned from Tee Cash Kit were just so awesome, that I made an EXTRA $598.13 from only ONE of my campaigns.
Imagine what happens, if you do the same!
Is Tee Cash Kit An Evergreen Product?
Will it last forever?
I want to say yes, but of course nobody can tell you that for sureal.
One thing is certain: people love teeshirts, people love to buy shit they love, and with the knowledge you are presented in TCK you will be able to give them exactly what you want.
And for you, it means you are SELLING, and you should always be selling, because THAT is how money is made!
So if you have been struggling a lot, and really need a break from everything and finally want to feel the mad success of cashing in $7-$9 for every $1 you spend (or even with $0 spending too!!!) then click on the link below and grab at least the basic training.
It’s worth 100x the price.
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Post authorBy Suzzy
Post dateJanuary 26, 2020
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Sticky post

As an Internet marketer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different SEO services.
This will allow you to determine which SEO company is better than the other.
Likewise, companies that provide SEO services often have varying SEO philosophies, methods, and tools for optimizing a website. These approaches are known as “hats” SEO services. Here are the three types of SEO Stealth Secrets.
1) White Hat SEO
White hat SEO relies on the advantages of using quality and relevant contents, together with an effective marketing strategy to give the site a better search engine ranking.
White hat SEO usually focuses on relevant site contents that have the ability of attracting people (readers) and not search engines into the site.
Being a marketer, you should know that content plays a very important role in SEO building.
A good content will give you more inbound links from other websites that are relevant.
Also, this is considered to be the best, and most effective SEO tool that could help your business become successful.
It doesn’t violate any rules, which only implies that, there’s no need to worry about having the site blacklisted.
Best of all, there’s a huge chance that footwear for playing golf those who visit your site will convert to visitors, especially if the contents being produced are important, relevant, and high quality.
2) Black Hat SEO
If there’s a “white” SEO, there’s also a “black” SEO service.
This type of SEO service is often described as “SEO spamming.”
Obviously, from the term itself, it’ll already give you the basic knowledge of what it offers.
This type of SEO service focuses on generating sites that manipulate or trick search engines in order to achieve the highest rank.
Furthermore, it’s fully dependent on automation in order to create huge amounts of low-quality pages and grabs links from various websites which aren’t useful at all.
With that, those who use this service usually ends up getting a poor search engine result page.
Why People Consider Black Hat SEO
The probable reason why a lot of people are interested in using this service is because it can instantly improve the site ranking, placing it on top position.
However, this isn’t a good SEO service strategy at all.
Once the popular search engines, like Google, discovers that the site is trying to cheat their results, it may suffer from the risks of getting blacklisted, banned or crashing on view. Is Inboxdollars a scam?
That being said, although it can get you on top within a week, it will also give your site a bad reputation.
3) Gray Hat SEO
What’s the color between white and black?
Gray hat SEO is the combination of both black and white hat SEO, and it’s about balancing the rewards and risk of both SEO services.
There’s plenty of SEO services solutions that belong under this category.
However, some have the tendency of using questionable strategies just to generate fast results and put you on top.
Although a lot of gray hat SEO does obey the search engine rules, it’s still possible to risk your site with the use of this service.
That’s why it’s important to do your research first, before giving it a try.
The Most Ideal Hat
Based on some of the most popular search engines, like Yahoo and Google, the white hat is the most preferable and reliable, while black is something that you should completely avoid.
For those who are utilizing black hat SEO, they might say that white hat isn’t effective at all, especially when it’s about generating the results you’re looking for; while gray hat might be risk-free, but not as effective.
On a side note, those who are using gray hat will tell you that white hat SEO only works best when there’s no black or gray hat SEO involved.
For white hat SEO users, they believe that black hat is a form of cheating, while the gray hats are afraid of taking risks.
These are some of the SEO services available, and it’s still up to you which one you’re going to choose.
The key is, choose a service that will allow you to reach your goals without putting your business at risk. Affiliate marketers inboxdollars reviews.
Keep in mind, it’s better to achieve long-lasting benefits instead of something that’s short-lived.
For that, we do recommend that you stick with white hat SEO.
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