Smartsheet Alternatives
This review will take a deep look at the pros and cons of the following tools:’s Best Smartsheet Alternative at a Lower Cost

Screendragon’s Smartsheet alternative for scaling marketing and agency teams

Kintone organizes your communication by topic, project or specific data point

Rocketlane Best client and stakeholder portals with shared views

Wrike Smartsheet Alternative for Teams for a Free Plan

ClickUp Intuitive Smartsheet alternative to startups and SMBs

Mavenlink Best for comprehensive and integrated budget tracking and expanse tracking

Hive Best internal chats and communication systems

Basecamp Smartsheet alternative, with a flat monthly fee, regardless of your team size

Asana Smartsheet Alternative with a generous Freemium Plan

Below is a list of the top Smartsheet alternatives, including screenshots, a feature overview and pricing.
Pricing and information about paid plans for Smartsheet.
30 day free trial
Starting at $7/user/month
Visit WebsiteOpens new windowEnterprise-scale businesses, portfolio and project managers, spreadsheet and Excel lovers–these are ideal Smartsheet users. Smartsheet is the ideal solution for managing large teams and workloads. Smartsheet is more difficult to use for smaller teams.
This article will cover 10 of the most popular Smartsheet competitors. It will help you choose a better design at a lower price.
Why might you need a Smartsheet Alternative?
Your current project management tool is not a favorite with your team.
Smartsheet’s design will not be a problem for members who are used to team collaboration with spreadsheets and other database-like tools. However, others may find the UI confusing. You’ll have a better day if you choose colorful and customizable project management tools that conform to today’s standards.
Invoice clients
Smartsheet offers a budgeting feature that allows you to track time, budgets, expenses and other information using their 10,000ft panel. However, there is no way to send invoices directly through the app. Smartsheet also sells 10,000ft separately as an add-on product.
It’s too expensive
Smartsheet is one of the most expensive solutions for project management on the market. Smartsheet’s extensive project management features and enterprise-level target markets are two reasons why it is so expensive. However, you can find similar functionalities at much lower prices.
Key Features for a Viable Smartsheet Alternative
Time tracking
You can get basic time tracking options through their 10,000ft integration. However, this is an extra cost so you might need a tool that has native time tracking capabilities, including timesheets or time reporting.
Management of tasks and workflows
Smartsheet may look like another database, but it does offer advanced task management and view options such as a Gantt chart or Kanban board. You should consider alternatives that allow you to add subtasks, task priorities and dependencies to manage complex projects without overloading a spreadsheet.
A friendlier interface
Talk to your team about the type of UI they prefer to replace the spreadsheet-style appearance. You’ll need advanced features such as custom fields and a design that any user can personalize. There are also a variety add-ons you can use on top of your team workspace.
Custom reporting
Smartsheet’s powerful real-time report building feature is a strong asset. Smartsheet offers an alternative to traditional reporting for teams that need to work with large amounts of data or to show clients proof of their work.
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