What is a Program Manager?

What is a Program? What is Program Management? What is a Program Manager?Responsibilities for a Program Manager What skills are required to be a Program Manager Resource Management 2. Stakeholder Engagement 3. Data Analysis and Synthesis 4. Data-Driven Decision Making 5. Change Management What is the career path of a program manager Program Management in an Organization FAQIs it hard […]

What is a Program in Project Management Management?

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Definition of a program What is the purpose of a program for project management? Project Management vs. Program Management Program Structure Different types of programs 1. Visionary Programs: How these programs begin 2. Emerging ProgramsIssues related to emerging programs 3. Mandatory Programs Quick AnswersWhat is the difference between a program […]

What is a PDU in Project Management?

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. If you searched for PDU and found lots of articles about electronics, then you have finally found the right place. This is about Professional Development Units. What is a Professional Development Unit? Professional Development Units are a way to measure time spent on professional training. It is a PMI(r) way […]

What is a model in project management?

A model in project management refers to a way of looking at things. It is a simplified view of how things work. It can be used to give you a general overview as well as a direction for your own work. Project Management Models in PMBOK(r), Guide The PMBOK(r), Seventh Edition discusses models to help project managers understand what is […]