There is a difference between managing a risk and managing an issue Management of an Issue

Project managers often use the terms issue management and risk management interchangeably. You may not be aware that these concepts are completely different and should be handled differently. A skilled project manager must oversee both issue and risk management, and have strategies to adapt to changing circumstances. These terms will help you not only in your project management but also […]

How to determine the Sprint Length

There is no single solution that will work for all teams. There are a few guidelines in Scrum to help you choose the right length of a sprint. Sprints are an integral part of Scrum methodology. They are also part of Agile project management. Scrum teams, stakeholders, product owners, scrum masters, and scrum masters should all determine the ideal sprint […]

ActiveCollab: Designing Racing Yachts of High Performance

Story by Philippe Oulhen, Marketing & Sales Manager at Juan Yacht Design How can you make an impact on the world around you? I am the Marketing and Sales Manager for Juan Yacht Design. Our office was established in 1997 and specializes in the design of high performance racing yachts. To reach this objective we use a Design Spiral process, […]

Definition of Done vs. Acceptance Criteria

Many scrum teams have the same question: What is the difference between acceptance criteria and definition of done? And how does that affect user stories? Acceptance criteria are more relevant to software development, while the definition of done is unique for scrum. Knowing how to tell these two apart will help you with their practical application.Definition of Done (DoD) DoD […]

Calculating and defining Schedule Variances

Project managers are an integral part of any organization structure. They are responsible for managing all aspects of the business. They manage the budget, work schedules, and people. They are not experts in project management and cannot predict how long a project will take. Instead, they use a powerful calculation called schedule variance to measure and evaluate project progress. Schedule […]

New Training: Developing for Azure Storage

This intermediate training video, which consists of 27 videos, covers the knowledge that SPOTO trainer Knox Hutchinson has on Azure Storage. It enables developers to create code that integrates seamlessly with Azure Storage, optimizes database usage, and can automatically create, read, update, and delete tables. This Azure Storage training is available. Microsoft’s cloud-based services for building, testing and deploying applications […]

New Training: Create Azure App Service Web Apps and Mobile Apps, APIs and Functions

This intermediate training video, 18-videos, by Knox Hutchinson, covers the knowledge cloud administrators must have to create and deploy web applications that are critical to your organization. They can scale as necessary. This Azure App Service training video is available. If no one is able to use the web application deployment tool in Microsoft Azure, it won’t be of any […]

New Training: Setting up a Base Configuration to Support Cisco Devices

This 15-video entry-level training course by SPOTO trainers Jeremy Cioara & Keith Barker focuses on the knowledge and skills required for network administrators to create base configurations for Cisco devices. It primarily focuses on preparing application-centric infrastructures. This Cisco training is available. Network configuration and maintenance are evolving away from broad, application-agnostic networks to more custom-made networks for specific applications. […]

New Training: Create Terminal UIs using PowerShell

This entry-level training video, featuring 12 videos, is by SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan. Trevor Sullivan explains the basic concepts behind building terminal-based PowerShell applications. This is the new PowerShell training. This video skill will teach you how to create your own terminal UI apps using PowerShell code. These concepts can be combined to create utilities that meet your specific needs. […]