10 Best Smartsheet Alternatives and Competitors: Reviewed in 2022 – Digital Project Manager

Smartsheet Alternatives This review will take a deep look at the pros and cons of the following tools: Monday.com’s Best Smartsheet Alternative at a Lower Cost Screendragon’s Smartsheet alternative for scaling marketing and agency teams Kintone organizes your communication by topic, project or specific data point Rocketlane Best client and stakeholder portals with shared views Wrike Smartsheet Alternative for Teams […]

10 Best Scrum Software Tools & Scrumboards of 2022

The Best Scrum Software List Here’s a list of the top scrum softwares: JUMP TO REVIEWS monday.com is the best for Scrum teams that are highly collaborative Zoho Sprints Best Scrum Board for Real-Time Collaboration API documentation is best when teams work together ClickUp Best for freelancers & entrepreneurs Jira Best scrum Software for Enterprises Targetprocess Best scrum software to […]

10 Best Risk Management Software for Enterprises & Midsize Organizations

The Best Risk Management Tools Here are some of the top risk management tools. JUMP TO REVIEWS Clickup Hyper-customizable Spaces with Color Coding that will help you identify potential risks at a glance Fusion Framework System Best risk management software for dependency visualization StandardFusion Best Risk Management Software for Mid-Market 6clicks Best AI-powered RMS Wrike Best for team collaboration Project […]

The Digital Project Manager – 10 Best Resource Tracking Software in 2022

Shortlist of the Best Resource Tracking Software Here’s a list of the top tools I’ll be covering in this article. Smartsheet Resource management tool available for project portfolio management. Forecast AI-driven resource management, project management, and financial features. Monday.com Resource workload functionality for a work management platform. Mavenlink Resource Management module on a robust platform for professional services. Float Pre-filled […]

10 Best Resource Planning Software Tools in 2022

The 10 Best Resource Planning Softwares: 10 Top Picks Here is my list of the top resource planning software: JUMP TO REVIEWS Built for collaboration, Mosaic AI-powered resource management software Resource Guru Best for its intuitive user interface Runn.io Best resource software to support IT and software teams Big Time Best for resource scheduling Jira Best for software developers Apache […]

Three Management Techniques to Keep Your Employees in Synch

Communication problems are something that all teams, no matter how large or small, have to deal with from time to time. It can sometimes feel impossible to keep in sync with a variety of personalities and their various schedules, tools, projects, and tasks. Simple changes to your team’s and individual behavior can not only improve your productivity but also increase […]

2022 Salary Ranges: What Does a Project Manager Make?

Understanding the salary landscape is key to making informed decisions about your future, whether youHuo Ding e thinking of a career as a project manager or preparing for a pay rise negotiation. WeHuo Zui wanted to help you do your research by giving you a quick snapshot of average salaries for project managers across several key factors. There are many […]

16 Tools to Help Us Compete As a Small Team

TeamGantt aims to achieve big things while keeping a small, but productive, team. This is no easy task considering that we are 100% funded by our customers. Finding points of leverage is the key to getting more done in a small team. Using the right software tools can help you do this. We thought we’d share some of our favorites […]

16 Creative Ways to Invest In Your Team

How important is it that your employees are engaged in the company? Although attitude and moral are difficult to measure, the Gallup Organisation estimated that 22 million employees who are actively disengaged from their jobs cost the economy $350 billion per year in lost productivity. This is due to absenteism, sickness and other low morale issues. These costs are even […]