How to Easily Win All Your New Year’s Goals

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions! We love to make ’em and tear ’em! It’s common to speak of broken resolutions at year’s end. Despite our expectations for January 1, many people end the year with excess weight, 40 pounds, junk food, sleep in, neglected their families, and wondering why they couldn’t keep their resolutions. Every year, we do our best to […]

How the UK has worked with The European Union on Research Projects

The UK’s science sector has participated in many EU-wide funding and research schemes, including Horizon 2020. What have you gotten from this collaboration? Here are some important Horizon 2020 statistics – The spending framework for the EU’s 80 billion euro research budget in 2014-2020. -The UK received PS1.52 Billion of European Research Council income. This is more than any other […]

How The Savvy PMO Does Demand Management

Part 1: Improve your work intake process Could your work intake or demand management processes be improved? The Savvy PMO is here to help! This blog series is for those who are overwhelmed with work requests, need a more efficient process, need better scoring and prioritization, have other issues with demand management, or are overwhelmed with work. Your organization can […]

How senior project stakeholders can learn from the UK’s Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap and grow to love Meta-Plans

Perhaps it was the jab-induced euphoria but I was surprised by how impressed and impressed I found Boris Johnson’s 4-step Roadmap. It is meant to ease restrictions across England, and provide a way back to a more normal life. I will refer to it simply as the “Recovery Roadmap”. Although the Roadmap was not written by the PM, King James […]

AWS Storage Options – EBS & Instance Store

Volume of Elastic Block Store (EBS). EBS is a block-level storage that can be used with EC2 instances. EBS volumes are off-instance network-attached storage that lasts independent of the running life a single EC2 instance. EBS volume can be attached to an instance. It can be used as a hard drive by formatting it with the appropriate file system and […]

AWS Storage Options – CloudFront & ElastiCache

Amazon CloudFront A webservice that delivers content Low latency through caching and delivery of content from edge locations closest to the user Supports both HTTP to allow static and dynamic content, as well as Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), for streaming videos Optimized to work with Amazon services such as S3, ELB, etc. as well as seamlessly works with any […]

AWS Storage Gateway

Storage Gateway Overview AWS Storage Gateway connects cloud-based storage with on-premises software appliances to provide seamless integration and data security features between the AWS storage infrastructure and the on-premises IT environment. AWS Storage Gateway, a hybrid cloud storage service, gives you on-premises access almost unlimited cloud storage. Storage Gateway allows you to store data in AWS cloud storage for scalable, […]

AWS Simple Storage Service-S3

AWS Simple Storage Service-S3 Amazon S3 is a simple, value-object store that can be accessed via key and password. S3 offers unlimited storage space and works under the pay-as you-use model. As the usage volume rises, service rates are less expensive. S3 is a highly durable, highly available and infinitely scalable data storage infrastructure that can be accessed at very […]

AWS Simple Queue Service – SQS

Simple Queue Service – SQS Amazon SQS is a highly accessible queue system A queue is a temporary storage place for messages that are awaiting processing. It acts as a buffer between component producers and consumers. SQS is a message-queue service that distributed applications use to exchange messages using a polling model. It can be used to decouple the sending […]