Implementing Cisco SD-WAN “Software defined networking-wide area network”

Cisco SD-WAN, also known as “Software defined networking in a (WAN), wide area network”, is a cloud-delivered WAN architecture that enables digital transformation at enterprises. It is a combination wide area networking (WAN), and software defined networking(SDN). IT can increase network security, business agility, and application production at a lower bandwidth cost. SD-WAN solutions offer more advanced alternatives to traditional […]

Implementing Health Monitors In F5 – How To Configure Health Monitors In F5

F5 Health Monitors: Best Practices Task Apply the default monitor icmp on bigip-1 to all nodes Bigip-1: Apply the node-specific monitor to node Bigip-1: Use the default monitor gateay_icmp for pool http. Create a ssh-custom monitor and apply to pool http and member server01. Bigip-1: Use the member-specific monitor http to member server02 or ssh to server03 Explanation Monitors […]

Port numbers for ICMP

Different application layer protocols listen to specific ports. When you visit a website, for example, the HTTP request from your computer to access it is sent to TCP port 80 on the remote host. Your computer’s source port is an arbitrary, ephemeral port. The server processes the request and returns data to your computer. Data is destined to the previous […]

Microsoft Parries AWS Price Reductions with Azure Reductions

Microsoft announced Thursday another round of price cuts for Azure public cloud. This is despite indications from Google that the price war between them, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), and Google may be nearing a truce. The price reductions that affect Azure Dv2 Virtual machines are a direct result of AWS’s move last week to lower several Elastic Compute Cloud […]

Microsoft offers a tool to manage cloud resources, including AWS

Microsoft continues its assault on cloud market leader Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), with the introduction of a tool that allows you to manage resources in any type of cloud, including AWS. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), along with many other products, was unveiled last Wednesday at the Chicago-based Ignite show. Microsoft was clear about who it was targeting with […]

Microsoft Retains AWS’s Lead in Cloud Infrastructure Market

Cloud provider research has repeatedly named Amazon Web Services (AWS), the dominant cloud provider, for many years. This position was relentlessly pursued by No. 2 Microsoft Azure. This is still true, but a recent report from Canalys claims that the gap has closed. The firm’s Q2 2018 cloud infrastructure report noted that AWS accounts for 31 per cent of the […]

Microsoft Exec: AWS and Azure No Longer Competing in Price

According to Microsoft’s top cloud executive, the period of intense price-based rivalry between Microsoft Azure (AWS) and Amazon Web Services Inc. (Mazda Web Services Inc. (AWS), is effectively over. Scott Guthrie, the head of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise groups, spoke at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in Las Vegas Tuesday. He shared his company’s view on the current cloud market […]

Microsoft Devs Have More Options to Use.NET Core With AWS Lambda Functions

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), in support of Microsoft’s.NET Core initiative has this week opened up additional.NET Core options to work with AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda facilitates event-driven, serverless computing. .NET Core is Microsoft’s modernization of the Windows-only.NET Framework. It is open-source and cross-platform, taking it modularized and making it more modular. The company advised developers that.NET Core was the […]