AWS is the largest Cloud Computing Platform in the world and holds the largest share of the Cloud computing market. It is growing exponentially and the need to ensure its security from vulnerabilities and breaches increases as it gains more market share. It is obvious that security is just as important for any organization as it is for individuals. It is one of the most important interactions in the IT industry, given the ongoing cyber warfare. The AWS Certified Security-Specialty certification recognizes cloud security professionals to confirm and affirm their understanding of AWS security. This assessment is for peers who are in a security role within an organization. It assesses the applicant’s ability to share knowledge about the best way to secure AWS.

AWS Security
Security is now a key feature of any business. Security is the driving force behind the business in the current scenario. AWS is a secure Cloud Platform that focuses on all aspects of security.

Why AWS Security Speciality Certificate?
The AWS Security Speciality certificate is one of the first Security certificates from AWS. It comes with many benefits. These are just a few of the benefits:
1. It gives sound guidance on security aspects of the AWS framework.
2. It allows you to understand more about AWS data protection mechanisms and data classifications.
3. It provides information about data encryption methods and AWS mechanisms for their implementation.
4. It gives insight into secure Internet protocols as well as AWS mechanisms for their implementation.
5. It provides the practical experience of AWS security and features to protect the production environment.
6. It allows you to gain expertise from two or more years’ experience in production deployment using AWS security features and services.
7. Participants will be trained on the most important segments of AWS technology.
8. It allows you to make tradeoffs regarding cost, security, deployment complexity, and other factors, given a set application specifications.
9. It provides you with an in-depth understanding of security operations and the risks they pose.
10. It will allow candidates to understand the hacking purpose of websites and how to deal with such situations.
11. This certification increases the value of an organization’s employees more than those who are not certified.
12. It is one the 10 most sought-after cybersecurity certifications in 2020.
Recommendations for AWS knowledge
Minimum of five years experience in IT Security design and implementation
Minimum of two years’ experience in securing AWS workloads.
AWS has security controls for workloads
Exam details:
Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice, Multiple ResponseDuration: 170 MinutesNumber of Questions: 65Passing Score: 750
Domains of Security Speciality
The AWS Security Specialty certificate deals in five domains
Domain 1: Incident Response 12%
Incident Response in cloud is all about Educate Prepare Simulate and Iterate.
Inform your security operations and incident response teams about cloud technologies and how your organization will use them.
Prepare your incident response team to respond to incidents in cloud. To ensure secure and compatible responses, create the necessary rulebooks (both manual and automated).
To see the effectiveness of your arrangement, simulate both unanticipated and anticipated security issues in your cloud environment.
To increase the range of your simulation’s response posture, reduce the time to value, and decrease risk, it is a good idea to reflect on the consequences of your simulation.

Domain 2: Logging & Monitoring 20%
Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service