CompTIA promotes the industry’s growth and the development of highly-skilled workers. They also have a commitment to creating an environment that is open to innovation, benefits, opportunities, and is accessible to all. This independent, vendor-neutral source covers a wide variety of technology-related topics. It also offers its own certification program that will help you attain a high level expertise and the skills necessary to face current realities. This portfolio includes many domains with different paths and difficulty levels. The vendor has four IT levels, ranging from Entry to Expert. Each path is valid for 3 years. After that, the company will provide the candidates with a new version. In 2022, some certificates will be subject to changes due to expiration of their exams.
Nearly half of the entire program will be altered. These certifications will be affected by the transformation:
1.CompTIA Network+
This is one the most popular CompTIA certificates. It is time to update it to reflect the changing world of technology. This certification proves that you have the technical skills necessary to secure establish, troubleshoot and maintain essential networks that businesses depend on. Its retirement date is June 2022. This option is still available. You can also opt for the CompTIAN10-008 test, which covers more relevant fields. Although the exam is available in English, it still has the same structure and questions.
2.CompTIA Cloud+
This certification focuses on Cloud-based infrastructure services, migrations to Cloud, deployment, optimization, protection, and protection mission critical applications and data storage. It is essential to be able to operate multiCloud environments. This is why IT specialists must deal with many new challenges. CompTIA must change this trend.
CompTIA CV0-002, an older exam in the path, will be retired on January 7, 2022. CompTIA CV0-003 will be required for anyone interested in this industry. You should also be prepared for the new version if you are a candidate looking to recertify. It follows the same requirements and structure. However, you will need to review the topics to see what has been changed or added.
3.CompTIA Server+
This certification validates your ability to install, manage, and troubleshoot servers in hybrid, on-premise, and data centers. It is not limited to one platform. A successful certified candidate will be able do his/her work in any environment.
The vendor suggested that the CompTIA SK0-004 exam be passed. However, it is recommended that you take the newer version as the old one will be withdrawn in January 2022. CompTIA SK0-005 is a certification test that is relevant to today’s IT field. It demonstrates the multi-step knowledge and skills of candidates and shows that they can securely deploy, troubleshoot and administer servers. The new version has 90 questions instead of 100 and is available in English.
4.CompTIA PenTest+
This certification is for cybersecurity specialists who are capable of handling the tasks of vulnerability management and penetration testing. It involves planning, scoping, attacks, exploits, reporting, and code analysis.
The CompTIA PT0-001 exam is still available until April 2022.