What is the CompTIA ISAO? How does it work? MJ Shoer, Executive Director of CompTIA, answers these questions and more. She also explains how CompTIA members can join to improve the cybersecurity resilience in the IT industry. CompTIA has launched the CompTIA Information Sharing and Analysis Organization. This initiative aims to assist tech vendors, MSPs and solution providers, as well as business technology consultants and other professionals to learn about cybersecurity threats and provide actionable advice to help them and their customers.
Presidential Executive Order 13691 established the ISAO concept in 2015. The Department of Homeland Security appointed a team from the University of Texas at San Antonio as part of this order to create the ISAO Standards Organization. This organization will facilitate the implementation of the Executive Order. ISAOs are a way to connect multiple, often related companies to identify standards and guidelines and share information and analysis regarding cybersecurity risks, incidents and best practices.
What does this all mean for CompTIA members? According to MJ Shoer (executive director of CompTIA ISAO), there are many. We asked Shoer about the CompTIA ISAO, its purpose, and how it could benefit everyone in the technology industry.
ConnectWise supported the creation of the Technology Solution Provider ISAO (TSP -ISAO) last year by Arnie Bellini, a former co-founder of ConnectWise. After determining that a member-led vendor-neutral trade association like CompTIA was the best environment to manage and develop the initiative, the TSP-ISAO was transferred earlier this year to CompTIA. Shoer answers frequently asked questions about CompTIA ISAO.
Watch Nancy Hammervik, executive Vice President, Industry Relations at CompTIA, and Shoer unveil the CompTIA ISOO at ChannelCon Online.
What are the benefits for a tech company (vendors, solution providers, MSPs, distributors) of joining CompTIA ISAO
Joining the CompTIA ISAO has the primary benefit of raising cybersecurity education and posture for all companies involved in technology business. The members can share threat intelligence among themselves to improve their defense against bad actors. It will provide qualified and actionable intelligence for companies that provide outsourced IT services to SMBs around the world.
CompTIA ISAO will also be beneficial to non-security-focused solution providers and vendors of tech products.
Absolutely! In today’s climate, vendors of non-security-focused technology face a unique challenge. Particularly, the amount and quality of cybersecurity intelligence and information available to them is overwhelming. These firms lack a focused focus on cybersecurity and it is difficult for them to be proactive in addressing cybersecurity threats. CompTIA ISAO will provide these firms with useful information that will enable them to be more proactive and valuable for their clients.
How does CompTIA ISAO function?
CompTIA ISAO members can join and take part in a variety of collaborative activities. Those who are able can share threat intelligence with CompTIA ISAO. This threat intelligence feed is analyzed and then put into the CompTIA ISAOs threat Intelligence feed. Members will be able to share threat intelligence with the CompTIA ISAOs threat intelligence feed. They can also collaborate in an interactive forum that allows them to discuss ongoing and real-time threats. Members can access the threat intelligence feed to help them plan their defenses. CompTIA ISAO members have access to world-class education, events, research, and education.
What are the responsibilities of members? What resources/investments do they need to have?
Members are encouraged to participate in the CompTIA ISAO Cyber Forum and other educational offerings, events, research, and other activities to improve cybersecurity resilience for all member companies. The more members that are engaged, the more data we can analyse and prepare appropriate responses for industry. Membership will be determined by company type and revenue. Traditional CompTIA solution provider members will enjoy a very affordable membership fee and a compelling return of investment.
How long will it take for ROI to be realized from th