Since the last decade, the cloud computing industry has been bullish. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultants is for consultants with experience in implementing Salesforce Education Cloud solutions in a customer-facing position. Every organization requires a certified community cloud consultant due to the rapid growth of the cloud industry. Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool that brings customers and companies closer. Salesforce is a shared platform that gives all departments a single view of every customer.
Your resume will gain more weight if you are able to pass the certifications. To be successful, you will need the right study guide and material. This blog is for you if you’re planning to take the certificate. This blog will provide you with all the details of the exam and suggest the best study resources. This article will give you a complete understanding of the exam and all its details. So, let us get started.
What is Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Credential and how do I apply?
Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultants are consultants who have worked in customer-facing roles and have experience with Salesforce Education Cloud solutions. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultants are able to design and implement Education Cloud solutions that meet customer requirements, are maintainable, scalable, and contribute to customer success over the long-term. Let’s take a look at the exam overview.
Exam Overview
The Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Exam Questions are in multiple-choice/multiple-select format. The exam takes 105 minutes to complete (time allows for unscored question) and the passing score is 68%. The exam costs USD 200 plus applicable taxes according to local law. The retake fee is USD 100 plus applicable taxes according to local law. This exam is proctored and can be taken in person at a testing center, or online. Salesforce Administrator credential is required for this exam.
No. of questions60 (+5 unscored) questionsTime allotted105 minutesRegistration fees$ 200 USD + taxesRetaking price$ 100 USD + taxesRetaking attempts (per release cycle)3Passing score68%Registration platformKryterion global testing solutionprerequisitesSalesforce administrator credentialThis was brief information about the exam details, Let us now move towards knowing the exam syllabus details.
Syllabus Outline
Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant tests a candidate’s knowledge of the following topics.
Education Cloud Applications, Settings, & Configuration: 23%
Describe the capabilities and limitations for Education Data Architecture (EDA) and how they can be used with other Salesforce products.
Secondly, install and configure EDA.
Install and configure the Advisor Link.
Implementation Strategies: 18%
First, consider a scenario and determine how to facilitate successful implementation (plan, gather requirements; design, build, test, document, deploy and optimize).
Second, provide advice on governance, change management and staffing.
Third, identify the timing considerations needed for a successful deployment.
Solution Design: 19%
Firstly, explain the similarities, differences and relationships between EDA model accounts and standard Salesforce Account-Contact data.
Secondly, you must design a scalable and appropriate solution for a customer in higher education.
Third, know where open-source solutions are available.
Also, based on a given scenario, decide when it is appropriate for EDA or other Salesforce.