New book: Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

Security and Privacy In Communication Network Springer Cybersecurity Privacy is proud to announce the publication of an Academic book in which I was a researcher / co-author. The book “Security and Privacy in Communication Network” is being published by Springer Cybersecurity Privacy Click here to see all my books Security and privacy in communication networks This book contains the refereed […]

Security Advisor ME CISO Conference 2020 – Join us for free

Security Advisor ME CISO Conference 2020 I am delighted to announce that I will be speaking on the Security ME Magazine’s Security and Excellence Event at Ritz Carlton Hotel, 24 March. For more information, visit ciso50/2020/# My session details: Double edged sword: AI and machine learning’s impact on cybersecurityArtificial intelligence and machine learning continue to gain a foothold in our […]

Secrets of Windows Event Auditing: Great 2 Know

Auditing Windows Events: Secrets of Windows The number of audit requirements for access continues to rise. The questions surrounding access to corporate information, such as: These questions, and others, are now as common in IT discussions as server capacities or software deployment. Audit requirements can be difficult to ignore. However, it is possible to find the right approach for your […]

Sarah Grant, – MCT Program manager, Microsoft (free 1ance ). Sarah Grant Erdal is brilliant! This recommendation could be used as a standalone recommendation. It should be. Here’s why. Erdal has a wealth of experience in both consulting (freelance) and through companies. He also has the ability to communicate at multiple levels (including tech talk, networking, humor and conversational styling) and can bring strategy into the equation. It is not easy, but he does it well. Erdal is brilliant because of all that. I am proud to have been able to work alongside him at the MCT Advisory Council of Microsoft.” (2012) Sarah Grant – Channels Operations Manager – MCT Program Manager, Microsoft What is Feedback? ( Wikipedia) Feedback is when the outputs of a system are routed back to inputs as part a chain of cause and effect that forms a circuit, or loop.

The system can then be described as feeding back to itself. When considering feedback systems, it is important to understand the concept of cause-and effect. Simple causal reasoning about a system can be difficult because one system influences another. This creates a circular argument. This makes reasoning based on cause and effect difficult. It is important to examine the entire […]

Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch -2018

Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch Since the release of Nike Band on February 22, 2012 I have been connected to my Health gadgets. I switched to Fitbit after Nike, and later to Samsung with the original Galaxy Gear watch. After that I had all versions of Microsoft Band, and then I returned to Samsung with the Gear 3 in November […]

2022 Project Management for Beginners: Top Things You Must Learn

Are you open to the idea of a career in project management? Do you have a particular interest in project management? This article will discuss the most important aspects of project management for beginners. We will cover the most important concepts of project management. This will allow you to become more familiar with project management. These concepts will help you […]

2022 Project Management Classes Online – PMP Classes Online

No matter what sector an individual works in, the demand for project managers is high. All sectors require project management experts. Project management knowledge is highly in demand by many employers. This is why online project management classes are so popular. Project managers are responsible for the initiation, planning and execution of a project. This could be developing new software, […]

2022 Project Management Career – 3 Vital Steps For PMs

Are you looking for a career in project management? We will provide you with career progression paths for project managers in this article. Although we don’t intend to give you every possible path, we will give an overview to help you understand the possibilities. In today’s technological age, project management is a critical job. The global dynamic and fast-paced pace […]