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Although everyone’s path to CompTIA Security+ certification is different, the following steps will help you position yourself for the best chance of success. Before you jump in, be sure to read part one, which is a high-level overview of the CompTIA Security+ certification.
Step 1: Take a survey and learn about the topics covered on the test
Before you can pass a test, it is important to be familiar with the information. About half of the test will focus on:

Security threats
It would be sensible to assume that you would be able to master these topics.
Step 2: Create a study plan
A written study plan is essential for disciplined preparation. A study plan will allow you to realistically and affordably allocate time for preparation, so that it does not interfere with your work or family life. The following should be included in the study plan:
Baseline assessment of your current knowledge, expertise
Key milestones in topic mastery
Practise to achieve threshold goals
Financial resources available to help you prepare
Identifying the best preparation and training methods to suit your learning style
Actual test date/dates
This Study Plan should reflect your own knowledge of the topics covered in Step 1.
Step 3: Get familiar with the structure of the test
CompTIA’s website provides a wealth of information about Security+. The site provides links to test resources, training providers, exam topics, study materials, and practice questions. It also details the types of questions, time management, and prerequisites. You will be less surprised on the day of the actual test if you know what to expect.
Step 4: Take a few practice tests
Many test-taking was last seen with college entrance exams (SATs or ACTs). If this is you, or you have nightmares about the experience, it’s a good idea to practice simulating real-life test-taking environments to avoid surprises and minimize anxiety. Repeated practice tests will help you to strengthen muscle/brain memory in relation to how long it takes to answer each question. This will allow you to get into a rhythm and move with accuracy and haste. To demonstrate mastery, it is recommended that you take practice tests covering one domain in clumps. This builds confidence and opens up the door to the next domain. Once you have mastered each domain it is time to practice complete tests so that you can put them all together in one unit. CompTIA’s practice tests can be used to help you prepare. No matter your level of expertise or experience, be realistic about your expectations. Many people struggle in the beginning stages of preparation, only to find their feet at the end. Discipline and practice are crucial.
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Step 5: Use free test prep resources
Sometimes there is a free lunch. You would be wise to eat it in those cases. There are many free test prep resources available online, including CompTIA Security+ exam objectives and previously referenced practice exams. ITProTV also offers a wealth of resources, including a fundamental overview.
Step 6: Register for an Exam Prep Course
Self-study is a good option for some, but not for all. If you are the type of person who excels when you have to do things by hand, you might consider taking a certification preparation course. This will allow you to work with an instructor who is familiar with the exam’s content and tricks.
Step 7: Join an online community
It is said that misery loves company. So, consider joining other people who are facing the same anxiety and facing the same fears. There are many Security+ forums, blogs, and personal websites that allow test takers to connect with experts. These forums are a great resource for knowledge and experience. Ironically, forums can also be a source of confidence, especially if you learn from others who have taken the test before. The brain can prepare by knowing which pitfalls to avoid.
Step 8: Learn What’s New
Although you shouldn’t ignore the most important security topics, the majority of the questions on the exam will focus on the latest and greatest. These topics are important to be aware of:
Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman Ephemeral
Crypto modu and crypto service provider